Top 15 posts of 2015!

The top 15 Brave Writer blog posts of 2015

Here are 15 of the most popular blog posts of 2015. Did you miss any?

15. Homeschool Advice: Do the Math
14. The Hidden Side Effects of “Not Liking Writing”
13. 5 Magic Words to Improve Your Home Environment
12. Awesome Adulthood
11. Brain-Based Learning
10. Your House is Like Theirs: Imperfect!
9. In Defense of the Writing Process
8. A Little More Inspiration
7. Math-Brave Writer Style
6. Unschool Undefined
5. How to Deschool while Eating Donuts
4. Learning Through Play
3. The Enchanted Education
2. 61 Things I Did Right in My Homeschool

And by far THE most viewed post during the last year:

1. 55 Things I Didn’t Do as a Homeschooler


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