61 Things I Did Right in My Homeschool

61 Things I Did Right in My Homeschool

The balance to all I didn’t get to or all I didn’t do in our homeschool are the very real choices I made that made all the difference in my homeschool journey with my kids. It was incredibly satisfying to sit down with paper and pen and record all the stuff I’m proud of—the lessons I learned, the choices I made that I see having been valuable to my kids and their eventual success as persons.

I hope once you’ve listened to this scope and the 55 Things I Didn’t Do, you will make your own list—a Work in Progress (WIP) list that you can edit as you go. Just know that there is NO WAY to do it all—all the amazing ideas, all the terrific programs, all the varieties of good Pinterest worthy ideas. Some mix of what you find enticing and available will pop through the forest of good ideas and that unique constellation of subjects and projects and experiences will create the people your children need to become. YOUR family culture will be unique and the people you are will contribute to our global community in powerful ways.

Thanks for embarking on this journey and trusting the process. I am so glad you’ve chosen to homeschool… at least for now, for this season.


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