Poetry Teatime: Post-It Notes

Poetry Teatime

Hi Julie,

I’m Louise, mum of four poetry teatime lovers in the UK!

I thought I would share some pictures from our poetry tea time last week. We had a great time as usual, but this time we did something a bit different. I was inspired by someone on the Facebook group who spoke about using post it notes to write poetry. So I just added some to our table along with the cupcakes my youngest had made earlier in the day, and some new poetry books we had picked up from the library. I didn’t ‘make’ them write, but all wanted to give it a go!

Poetry Teatime

The small sized paper was so unthreatening and we had lots of different colours, so that made it fun too….We had a great time reading, writing and generally enjoying poetry.

Our work is now displayed on the wall for us to reread and appreciate throughout the week! What a fun and easy way to add a twist to our poetry teas!

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