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Friday Freewrite: Alien Perspective

Friday Freewrite

The word “monotonous” means something that is “dull, tedious, and repetitious.” Think of a routine task that you find monotonous. Now, imagine an alien visits and excitedly does that task for the very first time! Describe their experience.

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Try It: Free Writers

Brave Writer Try It Free Writers

Liberate your young writers with freewriting!

See thoughts and ideas develop right on the page with this core writing practice for young and old! 

Veteran freewriters, keep scrolling for a fun ranking activity! (And get some neat insights into your kid-writers!) 

New to Freewriting?

Here’s a quick guide:

  • Hand out pencils.
  • Hand out scratch paper (you might wrinkle it first so it’s clear it’s not meant to be perfect).
  • Give this writing prompt: If I had all the money in the world or all the time in the world, I would… (Or pick a prompt from our blog or write whatever comes to mind.)
  • Set the timer for three minutes.
  • Everyone writes (including YOU!) for the full three minutes.
  • Punctuation and spelling errors are welcome.
  • Write “I’m stuck” if you run out of things to say.
  • Stop when the bell dings!

Don’t read your child’s writing! Invite them to read their own freewrite aloud (if they want to—not required).

Celebrate the content and the effort.

Write again on another day!

Already Freewriting Regularly?

Play with freewriting in new places

  • under the table
  • in a tent
  • on the floor next to the dog
  • in the hammock with a clipboard 
  • on the big rock at the park
  • in a blanket fort
  • under a beach umbrella 
  • in the car

After a few playful writing sessions, encourage each child to rank the spots and share what they liked best about writing there! 

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Friday Freewrite: Water or Earth?

Friday Freewrite

Water is upset because our planet’s name is “Earth” (after the ground we walk on) and yet over 70% of the surface is covered in water. Write the debate between Water and Earth on what our planet’s name should be.

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Friday Freewrite: Hyperbole

Friday Freewrite

Hyperbole is a figure of speech that uses exaggeration for emphasis (and is usually not taken literally). Some examples:

  • “My feet are killing me.”
  • “Her smile was a mile wide.”
  • “There’s a ton of laundry to do.”

Now create your own hyperbolic statements! How many can you come up with?

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Friday Freewrite: Artwork

Friday Freewrite

If you could select all the artwork for your home (including other family members’ rooms!), what would you choose and why?

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