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Writing Coach: Johannah Bogart

Writing Coach Johannah Bogart

Continuing our series of our fabulous WORK-FROM-HOME writing coaches…

Meet Johannah!

You’ve probably seen this lovely person before. She’s my daughter!

Johannah has been working for Brave Writer for six years as a Book and Movie Club facilitator. She has logged in to chat with your kiddos from all over the world. New York, Peru, Malaysia, Japan, Colombia, and now, more permanently (of late) Mexico.

Here she is (in the photo above), working away at her home in Sayulita. If you look closely, you’ll get to meet Bagheera, Johannah’s shadow and puppy! An honorary Brave Writer Family member.

Johannah is one of our students’ favorite instructors. Her style is a combination of:

  • offbeat,
  • relevant,
  • easygoing,
  • and insightful.

Kids relate to her because her commenting is so conversational, it’s like you’re talking directly to her. Add to that her experience as a life coach, and homeschool alum herself, and you can imagine the riches she brings to our classroom week in and week out.

We’re so honored to have you on our team, Johannah.

You can sign up your students for her book club and/or her movie clubs here!

Brave Writer Online Classes

Winter/Spring Class Registration is OPEN

Brave Writer Online Classes

Registration is OPEN

for our Winter/Spring 2022 online writing classes!

You’ve waited patiently; the wait is over!

Sign up now for Brave Writer Winter/Spring Online Writing Classes. Use this link.

Our classes fill quickly, particularly those at the start of the semester.

If you know what you want, be sure to sign up early to ensure you secure your seat.

Finally, take a moment to read about how to register to be sure you understand the process.

2022 Winter/Spring Class Schedule

We’ve got something for everyone. Please click through to the website for full descriptions, prices, and age ranges.

Since each class provides a deep dive into the material, we recommend NOT overlapping classes.

We also encourage taking healthy writing breaks between classes. 


New Class Feature: Audio!

Brave Writer Online Classes with Audio

We’re excited to share our biggest update yet to our online writing class program:


If you’ve got teens who struggle with the volume of reading our classes require, we’ve got you!

An AUDIO feature will be available for a small fee in our classroom posts starting in the Winter/Spring semester.

Got a reluctant or challenged reader? A lot of classroom reading might have been a deterrent in the past. 

Now you can upgrade the classroom experience so your students can LISTEN to the class assignments and readings instead. Or they may like doing a combination of reading and listening—an effective way to grow both skills.

Listening to audio while reading benefits:

  • fluency skills,
  • pronunciation,
  • pacing,
  • and tone.  

More choices. More support. More ways to learn.

LISTEN to a sample of an Essay Prep: Dynamic Thinking recording on our class description page (scroll down).

NOTE: Audio available in select classes only. Voices may vary according to class.

Brave Writer Online Classes

Winter/Spring Class Schedule 2022

Brave Writer Online Classes

Winter and Spring Class Registration!

Opens Monday, December 6, at 12 PM Eastern

Good news!

All the Brave Writer classes that are currently sold out will be open again for you in the winter/spring of 2022.

We have an incredible lineup of online writing classes for you and your kids. 

Parents agree: no one does it like Brave Writer!

“In one course [my son] has moved from being my most writing-resistant child to publicly announcing his love of writing and choosing to do it in his free time.” 

“Brave Writer way is a kinder, gentler, much improved way to learn writing…” 

“I’m always positive about my son’s writing, but it meant so much to him to get feedback from someone other than me. It cheered him up and motivated him to write more, and what more could I want?” 

Plan to join us, if you want a turbo boost of energy for the second half of your homeschool year!

Our classes are PERFECT for your family.

  • Flexibility In our classes, you’ll find
    • Time—no need to type quickly in the text box while a teacher is talking
    • Room—no pressure to jump on the microphone as a live teacher puts you on the spot
    • Freedom—log in to our classroom when it’s YOUR best time
  • Individualized instruction Each student receives feedback tailored to their personality, abilities, and imagination with every assignment
  • Training for parents You’ve chosen to homeschool because you want to support your kids. We’ll teach you how!
  • Instructors who have homeschooled Our Brave Writer team has experience with alternative education and they are professional writers
  • 3-6 week deep dives into writing Our classes are short, so you can devote more time to them. And the entire class is in writing. Writing is the vehicle for learning to write.
  • Workshop-style classrooms We prioritize making our spaces welcoming for all communities, like your favorite local writer’s workshop.

Read more about how our online class program works and why it is truly innovative!

Test drive a class in our sample classroom. Class assignments with real instructor feedback are here!

2022 Winter/Spring Class Schedule

Set your calendar alarm for December 6, at noon ET.
Registering early secures your seat!

The Essential Skill: Collaboration


Let’s face it. We’re used to being the ones in charge. 

So much of parenting is rule-based at first. Don’t cross the road alone. You have to hold hands in a busy airport. We don’t jump on Grandma’s couch. 

But somewhere along the line, it happens. They turn nine, then double digits. Paradoxically, maturity increases, but “instant cooperation” tanks. 

If you look—really look—can you see it? You’ve got a PERSON on your hands! (Wild, right?) 

Enter this essential skill: collaboration! 

Collaboration requires two or more people to:

  • Be aware of how their behavior affects others
  • Negotiate to sustain positivity 
  • Engage in respectful communication and dialogue
  • Respect each other’s ideas

Most parents don’t know how to help their older student revise without coming down like a sledgehammer—smashing all the positive qualities of a partnership.

Collaboration is the essential way you interact with your child over their writing. 

  • You get the most writing from a child whose writing voice and ideas are respected and valued.
  • You get the best writing from allowing them to capture original thoughts before mechanics.
  • You get the most trust from your child when you respond to their ideas, not just their mistakes. 

When you model gentleness and respect over a piece of their work, they learn how to work in a team, grow ideas and exchange thoughts non-confrontationally. 

Oh yeah, and they’re learning how to write too!

Now you know why Brave Writer’s latest core class involves YOU, the parent

In Brave Writer 201: Kind, Dynamic Revision, we put you, the parent and Head Writing Coach, in the driver’s seat in our classroom.

You’ll apply the empowering techniques our coaches use to your student’s writing.

Then you’ll watch your kids bring that new vision to their writing!

Our expert instructors will give you “feedback on your feedback,” training you to be the warm, supportive writing coach you want to be, much in the same way we train our own staff.

What to say AND how to say it.

What’s easier than that? 

Brave Writer Online Classes