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Brave Writer Boot Camp! 

Brave Writer

Learn the Brave Writer method by doing it. 

Yes! Our writing coach plus YOU and your child (ages 9-14) work together in Brave Writer 101: Guided Writing Process.

Curious what this online course entails? The whole writing process, start to finish!

Week One: Communication

Share the needs and challenges that you and your child have over writing and get individualized help from your coach. Next, you and your kids play a game to learn about how writers communicate. 

“[My son] loves this. He said it really helped him see how important details are.” —Parent Laura

Week Two: Observation

Wish your kids would generate deeper insights? More vivid descriptions? Feel like they have no fuel for writing? We practice finding things to say and putting them into words on the page.

“I am seeing some happiness around observing, and selecting words which is great!” —Parent Fabienne

Week Three: Freewriting

We introduce a magical process that liberates so many kids. Freewriting puts your kids in the driver’s seat. This week shocks so many parents: wow, my kid is WRITING

“We’d agreed that he’d write for five minutes – but I didn’t see him again for over twenty.” —Parent Sonja

Week Four: Freewriting and Feedback for Revision

The writing process gets tense for parents when feedback is warranted. Watch our writing coach approach your child’s writing with constructive advice and gentle encouragement.

“By the end of Week Four… it became the first thing she wanted to do every day…” —Parent Jennifer

Week Five: Revision

Learn how to revise by doing it—with our help. We cover different ways you and your child can improve a piece of writing of their choice. Without any tears!

“Our instructor was a terrific model to me on how to lavish my writer with feedback and how to ask excellent questions to help draw my writer out.” —Parent Allison

Week Six: Editing

The final polish-up! We started with raw communication (the essence of writing!) and we’ll finish with making that priceless jewel shine! 

“I didn’t get resistance on this exercise at all… [He] seemed to enjoy this type of editing.” —Parent Amanda

That’s it—the writing process! Don’t wait for the next writing opportunity. It’s time to get started with Brave Writer.

Brave Writer Online Classes

MLA Research Essay Q&A

Brave Writer

I remember the day. I’d been asked by many parents over the years to provide an in-depth college-prep research essay class. What to do? Then I saw it: an actual college textbook. Of course!  

So Brave Writer’s MLA Research Essay class was made with your college-bound teen in mind. We draw directly from the principles real colleges use when teaching writing.

It sounds a bit daunting, but when we break this major project into manageable chunks, writing a research paper really isn’t that difficult; I promise!

“What is MLA format?” 

MLA stands for “Modern Language Association.” The MLA started publishing a “style sheet” to help students write research papers in a standard format, and since then the MLA has been refining the elements of the MLA research essay format. 

“Should my kid be familiar with this system?”

Yes! The MLA format represents a consensus among professors, scholars, and librarians for documenting research in their respective fields. Basically, MLA style dictates how students use citations, works cited, footnotes, headers…

“Is it unreasonably hard?”

Believe it or not, the MLA style is a simpler style than other formats such as the APA or the Chicago Manual of Style!

“Is it BORING?” 

Not the Brave Writer way! We encourage your teen to choose a topic that makes them tick. It helps to love what you’re writing about!

“Is it worth the price?”

Let’s ask the teens from previous classes!

This class made me feel a lot more confident in my overall knowledge of the MLA style components. The instructions and explanations of what is required were far more clear and detailed than any others I had received for previous MLA essays. —Student Sarah

I learned much more about citing sources in the MLA format… I had never written that long and complex of an essay, so it was a good learning experience. —Student April

Thank you so much for all your amazing feedback on my work in this class! I think I have a good understanding of MLA research essays after taking this class. —Student Max

That kind of confidence? Priceless!

Learn more about Brave Writer’s

MLA Research Essay Online Class

Brave Writer Online Classes

2023 Winter/Spring Class Registration is NOW OPEN

Brave Writer Online Classes

Registration is OPEN

for our Winter/Spring 2023 online writing classes!

You’ve waited patiently; the wait is over!

Sign up now for Brave Writer Winter/Spring Online Writing Classes. Use this link.

Our classes fill quickly, particularly those at the start of the semester.

If you know what you want, be sure to sign up early to ensure you secure your seat.

Sale alert!

We rarely discount classes, so don’t miss this one-day 12-hour sale.

On December 5th, 2022 (opening day of winter/spring registration), you can combo two of our core classes and save:

On registration day, register for the pair of classes in one cart and get 12% off. No code needed!

In two months, a semester of language arts credit is DONE.

This discount is available today only!

Take a moment to read about how to register to be sure you understand the process.


Brave Writer Classes: Customer Appreciation 12 Hour Sale

Brave Writer Online Classes

These last two years… Phew. We’ve made it through a very difficult time. 

And you’re still with us! We want to say THANK YOU!

Mark your calendar for December 5th. It’s our Customer Appreciation 12 Hour Sale.

We’ve got discounts ON OUR 4 MOST POPULAR CORE CLASSES. 

(I know, we never discount our class offerings. That’s how grateful we are!)

Two Discounted Bundles

On Registration Day ONLY, we are offering two discounted bundles.

You will get 12% OFF:

Brave Writer 101 and Brave Writer 102 when purchased together

Essay Writing 101 and Essay Writing 102 when purchased together

Available when you register on December 5, 2022 ONLY.

Set your watch! Your phone! Your alarm clock!

Registration opens at 12 PM ET. It ends at midnight eastern.

Here’s a handy time converter if you need it! 

Psst…Live in a different time zone that makes it hard to register at 12 PM ET on December 5th? We can help! Email us.

Reasons why you should take a Brave Writer class:

Drum roll! 

  • See what the hype is all about! There is NO ONE like us in the homeschool space.
  • No big commitments. Classes run 3-6 weeks.
  • Support 24/7. Our team is always here to help you! 
  • Did we mention the sale?
  • Our coaches KNOW homeschooling—we get you!
  • Short burst of focused writing—guilt-free breaks from writing follow!
  • Free membership to our Brave Learner Home community.
  • Individualized feedback tailored to your child’s personality, abilities, and imagination.
  • Kids learn best in accepting, gentle environments. We’re great at that!
  • Did we mention there’s a SALE? Now’s the right time to sign up!

2023 Winter/Spring Class Schedule

2022 Fall Class Registration is OPEN

Brave Writer

Registration is OPEN for Brave Writer Fall Writing Classes!

No long messages here! I know you’ve got mouse-clicking to do! Sign up now to secure your spot in the classes of your choice.

Learn more: All About Online Writing Classes


If you still have questions about which class is right for your child, we invite you to send an email to our Help Desk. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be glad to give you suggestions that are just right for your family!

Brave Writer Online Classes