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Research and Citation Class REVISED

Essay Prep Research Citation Revised

When I wrote Raising Critical Thinkers it felt… risky. I knew that the ideas in my book would be a challenge to some of you. But I also knew that they would challenge ME and my team! Based on this new information, some things would need to change. However uncomfortable.

First on that list? The way we teach research and citation. 

So we completely dismantled and re-created our Essay Prep: Research and Citation class to address the modern challenges of doing research online. 


It’s still got great stuff like paraphrasing and how to take notes. But now it also has these critical components.

How to

  • Avoid being fooled by the “look” of a website
  • Wade through one million results on a Google search
  • Vet online sources like fact-checkers do
  • Discern a deliberately crafted story (presented as fact)
  • Design an investigation into a topic of interest

I’ll tell you right now—there is no other class like this on the market.

Fast forward to college. 99% of the answers they need are out there, to be found in research. Our kids need to learn how to find it and use it right. Let us help.


Essay Prep Research Citation

Summer Class Registration is OPEN

Brave Writer Summer Classes

Registration is OPEN for Brave Writer Summer Writing Online Classes!

Our classes fill quickly, particularly those at the start of the session. If you know what you want, be sure to sign up early to ensure you secure your seat.

Here’s the Complete Class Schedule.

Learn more: All About Online Writing Classes


If you still have questions about which class is right for your child, we invite you to send an email to our Help Desk ( Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be glad to give you suggestions that are just right for your family!

2022 Summer Class Schedule

Brave Writer Summer Classes

Want to change things up and try something new?

Summer is a great time to experiment! 

We know that kids NEVER stop learning! Heck, those of you in the southern hemisphere will be deep into your school year by June.

That’s why we’re offering more online classes in June-August than ever before.

The Summer 2022 Online Writing Class Schedule Is Up!

Hate hearing “I’m bored”? Summer experiences are ripe for writing!

We hear from families that a Brave Writer class is a GAME CHANGER! 

In one course he has moved from being my most writing-resistant child to publicly announcing his love of writing and choosing to do it in his free time. Yes, let’s repeat that—writing in his free time! —Teresa, parent to Ryan

Imagine your online-gaming, TV-watching child excited to:

  • Open a computer to write with peers
  • Deep dive into a subject because there are no other subjects competing for attention
  • Sharpen writing and thinking skills
  • Embark on projects tailor-made to that child’s interests
  • Give attention to a skill set that needs extra TLC

That’s what Brave Writer’s summer online writing classes offer you and your kids. 

Here’s the honest truth. We’re different from other programs. Brave Writer is all about personal investment and connection. Our instructors give you a deep commitment of time and gentle instruction that leads to happy, improved writers.

Registration for summer opens Monday, June 6 at noon Eastern Time. Set your calendar reminder now!

Want to see our classes up close? Check out our sample classroom

We’ve never offered this many classes in a summer session! We want there to be room for YOU! Take a look at our schedule and set an intention: you WILL get around to writing this summer.

Summer Class Schedule

Brave Writer Online Classes

Movie Club: International Film Festival

Brave Writer


There’s an entire world of storytelling beyond the Hollywood story arc! 

There are other ways of acting, filming, and pacing. International films ignite curiosity about other places, leading to juicy dinner table conversations on geography, religion, and socialization.

Brave Writer’s online International Film Festival movie club selections are world-class.

The Movies:

  • Wadjda, a story about a Saudi girl who wants to buy a bicycle.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, the movie that changed martial arts in film.
  • The Red Balloon, a French film that captures childhood innocence.
  • Kirikou and the Sorceress, an animated feature that takes place in West Africa.

Brave Writer writing coach (and my daughter!), Johannah, says:

I love teaching foreign films in the movie discussion clubs because students are so surprised by how much they love the movies. They share (very proudly) that the subtitles are easy. They get a window into someone else’s world. And, for many of them, it’s a special opportunity to talk about what it’s like to live outside of the United States.

How It Works

  • The movie club lasts one month. We watch one movie per week.
  • Students get to obsess over each movie with other fans in our online classroom
  • Our coach leads specific discussions to 
    • Explore character 
    • Uncover themes
    • Dissect plot points
    • Examine cinematic technology and art

Don’t tell your kids—while they are exploring and sharing with their new friends in class, they are gaining transferable thinking skills and growing their writing proficiency! (I know!)

What students say:

I love the way it doesn’t feel like writing, even though it is! And, instead of just watching the movie, I got to ponder deeper into the movie, versus skimming the surface.  – Brian

I knew I would enjoy watching the movies in this class, but I didn’t know how much I would enjoy writing about them and sharing my thoughts.  – Mark

I was surprised that we dug so deep! At first I just took this class to have an excuse to watch more [movies] but then I started to really enjoy it. We explored way more than I thought we would. – Sarah

Sign up for Movie Discussion Club: International Film Festival (March 28 – April 22)!


Brave Writer Online Classes

Writing Coach: Johannah Bogart

Writing Coach Johannah Bogart

Continuing our series of our fabulous WORK-FROM-HOME writing coaches…

Meet Johannah!

You’ve probably seen this lovely person before. She’s my daughter!

Johannah has been working for Brave Writer for six years as a Book and Movie Club facilitator. She has logged in to chat with your kiddos from all over the world. New York, Peru, Malaysia, Japan, Colombia, and now, more permanently (of late) Mexico.

Here she is (in the photo above), working away at her home in Sayulita. If you look closely, you’ll get to meet Bagheera, Johannah’s shadow and puppy! An honorary Brave Writer Family member.

Johannah is one of our students’ favorite instructors. Her style is a combination of:

  • offbeat,
  • relevant,
  • easygoing,
  • and insightful.

Kids relate to her because her commenting is so conversational, it’s like you’re talking directly to her. Add to that her experience as a life coach, and homeschool alum herself, and you can imagine the riches she brings to our classroom week in and week out.

We’re so honored to have you on our team, Johannah.

You can sign up your students for her book club and/or her movie clubs here!

Brave Writer Online Classes