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Brave Learner Home: December 2022

Brave Learner Home

It’s that time of year when you don’t WANT to do the usual routine but feel guilty for NOT doing it!

I know.

The truth is, though, you can meet your homeschool goals while taking a holiday break!

Learn how to incorporate the three Rs into your family holiday traditions.

I will share specific activities that I created for my family.

Join me for the next Brave Learner Home webinar:

  • December Webinar: Homeschooling in the Holiday Spirit
  • Thursday, December 8 at 7:00 pm (Eastern)

Live attendees get to participate in personal coaching with me!

Your mentorship and membership community!

Brave Learner Home is 13,000+ members strong. We support parents of all backgrounds and educational choices.

We have over 100 webinars and 90 unit studies in our library, plus new releases each month!

Whether you’re interested in math or parenting or reading or how to make a Rube Goldberg machine, it’s all included with your Brave Learner Home membership.

Sign up for a FREE Lifetime Membership to the Brave Learner Home with qualifying purchase.

You can find peace and make progress in educating and parenting your kids in Brave Learner Home.

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Brave Learner Home: November 2022

Brave Learner Home

Sometimes when homeschooling, I thought I wasn’t doing enough.

Somewhere along the way, I had acquired the belief: rigor is the key to learning.

Do you think like this? A rigorous education means being prepared for the next step in life, whether it’s middle school, high school, or college?

Yet at the same time, I also wanted to keep joy alive. 

I’ve got good news for you: 

It’s possible to have a rich, requirement-meeting, joy-filled homeschool!

Rigor? Not necessary.

Sign up in time to be at my next Brave Learner Home webinar:

  • The Myth of Rigor and Requirements in Homeschool
  • Thursday, November 10 at 7:00 pm (Eastern)

We’ll dig deep and give you practical steps you can implement right away!

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Brave Learner Home: October 2022

Brave Learner Home

Help! My Plan isn’t Working!

There’s a reason home educators call October: Curriculum’s not working month!

That’s because all those beautiful plans that live in your imagination have been put to the test and real life doesn’t always match our fantasies!

These are common questions I hear from parents:

  • What can be done with a program that cost a lot of money, but my kids hate it?
  • When is it time to throw in the towel on a curriculum and try something new?
  • What criteria should I use when switching to a different plan or program?
  • How do I know if a program IS working or not?
  • How important is a child’s happiness in plan development?

Good news! I have ideas to try and suggestions for how to rescue a homeschool on the wrong track.

I’ve told you lots about Brave Learner Home and the power of our membership community.

But I realized, maybe you’d learn more by attending one of our webinars!

So, please join me at the next Brave Learner Home webinar (it’s true, you’re invited!)

  • DATE: Thursday, October 6 (that’s next week!)
  • TIME: 7:00 PM Eastern, 4:00 PM Pacific
  • FEE: Only TEN BUCKS ($10 US)

YOU can join this webinar, even if you aren’t a Brave Learner Home member!

There are 500 seats available including those for members so be sure to sign up quick.

(NOTE: Brave Learner Home members attend for FREE
as part of their membership. Learn more here.)

A replay for the main webinar content will be sent to anyone who signs up!

Purchase a seat and the Zoom webinar registration link will be emailed to you. Click on it, fill out the Zoom webinar registration form, and you’re in!

WEBINAR: Help! My Plan Isn’t Working!

Bring your hard questions

I do a LIVE coaching call at the end with attendees (the coaching portion will not be available on replay). Tell me your personal frustrations and we’ll troubleshoot them together!

I’m excited for you to experience all the goodness that is Brave Learner Home! Only $10!

Hope to see you there!

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Brave Learner Home: September 2022

Brave Learner Home

Julie’s kids: Caitrin, Jacob, Liam, Johannah, Noah

How much joy is happening in your homeschool?

Stop. Scan your environment.

  • Do you see joy around you?
  • Are your children engaged and deeply involved?

Inside each of us is a natural desire to learn. Yet sometimes that drive gets snuffed out through systematized education.

Good news!

That love of learning can be rekindled.

We know through research that joy and learning are deeply connected. Join us in Brave Learner Home for our September Master Class and webinar, we’ll help you bring joy and skill development together.

Joy IS the best teacher. Together, let’s discover more joy in your homeschool.

  • September Webinar: Joy is the Best Teacher
  • RESCHEDULED: Wednesday, September 21 at 4:00 pm (Eastern)

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Brave Learner Home: June 2022

Brave Learner Home

As a homeschool parent, do you ever feel the heavy weight of:

  • showing progress,
  • measuring,
  • benchmarking,
  • and comparing your children to a standard? 

Whether you’re required to formally measure your child’s progress or not (it depends on where you live), the mindset is so dominant in our society, it can feel impossible to shake.

In Brave Learner Home, we’ll show you ways to more holistically “measure” your child’s progress—from the inside out!

We’ve got the perfect Master Class coming up in June to help you do just that! We’ll explore:

  • whether school standards are good benchmarks for homeschooled kids
  • how you can know if your kids really are making progress! 

Issy Buston of Stark Raving Dad joins us for a webinar in Brave Learner Home to talk about a different view of progress.

  • Measuring Your Child’s Progress from the Inside Out with Issy Buston
  • Thursday, June 9 at 7:00 pm (Eastern)

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