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Happy & Healthy Kid Summit

Healthy and Happy Kid Summit

Introducing the 2020 Happy & Healthy Kid Summit!

I’m participating in the Happy & Healthy Kid Summit and want to tell you about it! You will learn from 25+ industry experts including yours truly! You can claim a free ticket and get a virtual turbo boost for parenting and educating.

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DATES: November 2nd-November 4th, 2020

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Topics include how to promote a love of learning, how to keep your kids safe from predators, using powerful positive psychology processes to create a life you love, practicing positive (not permissive) parenting, and much, MUCH more!

The summit features some pretty big names in the family & parenting business (aside from yours truly, of course), including:

And many more!

This is an event you’re not going to want to miss! 

The 2020 Happy & Healthy Kid Summit is a FREE, VIRTUAL online conference!

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Brave Writer Summer Camp 2020

Brave Writer Summer Camp 2020

FREE Online Summer Camp!

July 21-22, 2020

Wondering how to kick off a great homeschool year?

Wish you knew more about Brave Writer and all its offerings?

Here’s your chance! We’ve got two days of FREE webinars to help you prepare.

We’ve got a camp handbook for you and your kids with crafts and snacks for them!

And Melissa Wiley is gracing us with a sneak peak of her brand new book, The Nerviest Girl in the World, one of our Arrow books! She’ll read aloud to your kids each day over lunch!

You can join us as it suits your schedule.

We will have replays. 

We can’t wait to serve you! Descriptions below. Sign up here.

Webinar Descriptions

On Ramp to Homeschool

Join Julie Bogart (Creator of the Brave Writer program) to hear about how to jump-start your homeschool for the fall. She’ll cover how to boot up the first six weeks and plan for a great year ahead. Great for newbies and in the “middle of the muddle” homeschoolers too. Julie will give an overview of how the whole Brave Writer program fits together. If you are still wondering how to get started with Brave Writer, this is the session for you!

Get into Gear with Reading and Writing

In this session, Dawn Smith (Director of Publishing) and Julie Bogart will talk about the power of reading aloud to your kids and how literature is a springboard for learning all the mechanics of writing. Imagine combining handwriting, spelling, grammar, and literary power using living literature! It’s a beautiful vision!

Nerviest Girl in the World

Give your kids a treat! Melissa Wiley, children’s author and Brave Writer coach and writer, has chosen to share her brand new book with our community first: The Nerviest Girl in the World! You can bring your kids to listen and know that they are getting the sneak peak! She’ll read for 20-30 minutes with all the voices!

The Horsepower of Short, Focused, Online Writing Classes

Our award-winning online writing classes are unlike any on the market. Kirsten Merryman (Director of Online Classes) and Jen Holman (Senior Writing Coach and Trainer) offer insights into how to maximize the power of a class in your child’s writing life. Discover how your kids can fall in love with writing!

Roadmap to Your Best Homeschool Life: Brave Learner Home

Imagine having support, friendship, coaching, and resources that give you what you need when you need them. Our Brave Learner Home community is designed to offer you the space you need to grow. Our goal is not to scrutinize curriculum but to work with the underlying principles of healthy family life combined with how to harness the power of natural learning. We’ll also take care of you, so you have the stamina to keep going. Join Jeanne Faulconer (Director of the Brave Learner Home) and Julie Bogart for an hour of inspiration!

Register + Get Handbook

The entire Brave Writer team is excited to serve you this year.

Get ready for your best homeschool year yet!

Brave Writer Summer Camp

Homebound Interviews: Homeschooling Support during Confinement

We Can Do It

Rosie the Riveter was an American icon of female strength and our symbol in Brave Writer of what it means to use that strength for good.

I found the lunchbox in the photo above last Christmas in a shop in Columbus OH. What struck me as much as J Howard Miller’s illustration of her were the words at the top: “We can do it!”

We can! In this moment, we’re pulling together to do this remarkable thing—making the choice to social distance in order to protect one another.

To help provide support during this out-of-the-ordinary time I’ve been sharing how to homeschool during the pandemic in the following places:

For more resources (many are free!), check out our Homebound page.

Remember: We CAN do it! Together.

Brave Writer Podcast

Homebound Online Conference!

Homebound Online Conference

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Looking Back and Looking Ahead

The best part of 2019 was meeting so many of you as I got to travel!

Thank you for showing up, for testing the ideas I share and then telling me how they work (or don’t), for trusting me with your stories (personal ones, heartfelt ones). I’m impressed with your dedication and your tenacity to keep looking for solutions to your most stubborn problems. Truly: you are the ROCKSTARS and I’m your biggest fan.

In 2020, I’m not speaking at any homeschool events. My podcast will return and we’ll have lots of webinar opportunities (I see you international fans who can’t get to a conference in the states!), and the Homeschool Alliance will be going STRONG! Lots of chances to interact with me and the team via message board and webinar.

This next year is our 20th anniversary: filled with surprises and good things for you. I’ll be writing a book, too.

Then I’ll be back on the circuit in 2021 (already have 3 keynotes lined up!). We’ll have lots of chances to be together in the coming months, even if virtually. So don’t be a stranger!

This post is originally from Instagram and @juliebravewriter is my account there so come follow along for more conversations like this one!