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Join Me at Wild + Free

Join Julie Bogart at Wild + Free

Wild + Free* Homeschool Conference!

Dust off your favorite pair of cowgirl boots because we’re headed to the Lone Star state, y’all!

The upcoming Spring Wild + Free Conference is in Frisco, Texas on February 15-16, 2019. I’m thrilled to speak alongside 13 inspiring presenters at this fun and uplifting event (like Susan Wise Bauer and Sally Clarkson!).

Join me and the Wild + Free homeschool community for two days of insight, inspiration, and community. The event will feature main stage talks, optional pre-event workshops, and incredible music.

This conference is also the first stop on The Brave Learner Book Tour! I’ll be signing copies (and taking selfies, of course!) — we’ll have books for sale, but feel free to bring your own copy if you pre-ordered.

Register for Wild + Free before Dec 31 for EARLY BIRD pricing: $179.00

Information about the event and hotels: here.

I can’t wait to CELEBRATE with all of you! And we’re gonna celebrate BIG: everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

*FYI: Wild + Free is organized by leadership who profess a Christian faith. You can expect some Christian content when you attend, though my talk will not align with any particular religious belief system. All are welcome.

2019 Speaking Schedule

Homeschool High School Virtual Conference

Homeschool High School Virtual Conference

Brave Writer is participating in the Homeschool High School Virtual Conference! has partnered with to bring you a long-awaited solution for highschoolers wondering how to map out their future! With a great lineup of speakers that includes admissions counselors as well as college alternative advocates, your high schooler is sure to find help in determining his/her life’s direction.

Date: August 30, 2018

Price: $29

Discount code: BRAVE to get 35% off the price!

Register now for early bird bonuses including a free homeschool/work from home planner download for mom and a double chance to win an iPad!

Homeschool High School Virtual Conference

Brave Writer Session

High School Writing and Literature: When is enough, enough?

Join Julie as she looks at the secret to academic writing, how to form realistic goals for high school English credits, and the role of literature in high school English classes. This session will explain the “Think Three” trick to MLA research-based writing, it will explore the difference between argument and personal convictions, and parents will discover how to create an environment that fosters the rhetorical imagination. High school literature and writing can be a wonderful journey into the developing mind of a young adult. Learn how to support it and count it!

Register Here

Come see me in Cincinnati!

Come see me in Cincinnati!

Hello friends. One of the local homeschool groups has asked me to speak in August here in my home town Cincinnati. If you live nearby or would love to hear me give my main conference talks, I’d love you to come! It’s a beautiful facility and we are going to have a great time discussing the secret to breakthroughs in writing, the enchanted education and more.

Hope to hug you (and selfie with you) soon!

The Cincinnati event is inexpensive ($40.00 for the whole day) and sure to be intimate (much smaller than a convention). Get that shot in the arm you need before you launch your fall!

Please join us Saturday, August 25th
3500 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209.


Brave Writer Writing Conference!

Brave Writer Writing Conference 2017

Join Julie in Austin Texas
for a Brave Writer Writing Conference

September 8-9, 2017

Wells Branch Community Center
2106 Klattenhoff Dr. Austin Tx 78728

I’m pleased to announce that we will host an exclusive Brave Writer conference in Austin, Texas in time for the start of your homeschool year! The focus? Writing, of course! For an evening and a full day, we will explore all aspects of writing:

  • Creating a writing culture at home
  • Magical practices that entice kids to write and read
  • How to revise original writing without inducing howls of pain
  • The role of creativity in all kinds of writing (including essays and reports!)
  • How reading and writing work together—and poetry!
  • Being your child’s partner in writing from PreK through High School
  • And I’ll get you to do a little writing too!

Check out the details here!

We can take 300 registrations!

EARLIEST BIRD DEAL for May 15 only

$89.00 (reg price is $109.00)

First person to register will win one of our Brave Writer Mugs!

Brave Writer Mug

There is space for 100 people to attend. I hope you are one of them. I’m can’t wait to meet you!

Register Today

A World of Difference

A World of DifferenceWith Angie, who organized the Muslim Homeschool Network Conference

Hi Julie,

I hope you’re doing well! We miss you out here in Sunny SoCal!! 🙂

I just wanted to share with you (and please share with Rita Cevasco as well!) our struggle, in hopes that it will help other families.

Last year around this time my then 6 year old was a reluctant writer. She knew how to write letters but hated holding a pencil. I would hear the common complaints like “it hurts my hands” or “it’s boring” etc. …Not to mention my 6 year old was reading far beyond her age, reading classics with advanced vocabulary and I was stunned that she was doing amazingly with reading and struggling so much with writing?! I was baffled.

Finally, a friend introduced me to Brave Writer! After a few Julie scopes and exploring the website I was hooked. We started with Jot It Down. My daughter was telling me funny poems, writing stories, and asking me to jot down all sorts of writing that seemed to be exploding out of her imagination! Her writing voice was beautiful. I was thrilled and so was she!

Then we got to the mechanics. I assumed since her reading level was beyond her 6.5 years, that A Quiver of Arrows would be the right fit. She loved Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Charlotte’s Web and had read them multiple times. I had skimmed through The Wand but Hop on Pop and Amelia Bedelia were not where she was reading at all so I just ignored The Wand all together. And this was my mistake, READING LEVEL DOES NOT EQUAL WRITING LEVEL!! …Most of the words during French dictation were misspelled no matter how many times we looked them over. I was stressed, she was annoyed, so I backed off.

At that time I was thinking that maybe this curriculum wasn’t a good fit for some reason, but then I decided to give The Wand a shot… and it was the perfect fit! The sentences were simple and short enough that she felt confident doing the copywork. Spelling was fun with the post-it notes and hands-on activities. My daughter was loving it. Over the course of the year, her spelling improved dramatically and she was now loving picking up a pencil and writing her thoughts, lists, stories, notes to her father and I, and even journaling her favorite trips ON HER OWN?!? My mind was blown. It took us a year or so to finish all 3 levels and its has made a WORLD of difference. She has recently started learning cursive after begging me to get her a cursive writing book.

Thank you and thank Rita for me as well. I never thought such a different mind set and simply unique curriculum could make such a difference but it really has made a world of difference. As a new homeschooler, this was GOLD and I wholeheartedly recommend the Jot it Down + the Wand to anyone who has a struggling writer!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension (Volume 1)Great news! Rita Cevasco’s book, Trees in the Forest: Growing Readers and Writers through Deep Comprehension, is on sale now through April 30, 2017 (learn more about Rita’s book)!

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