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We’ve been nominated!

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Brave Writer has been nominated for an award in the Writing / Composition category on Homeschool World!

The voting deadline is December 15, 2014, and those who participate are entered to win a prize: Rosetta Stone Language Software!Rosetta Stone

One voter at random will receive one level of the language of their choice from Rosetta Stone – a $159 value!

So, if you’d like to cast your votes for the best homeschooling products – hopefully including ours – then VOTE HERE.


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NOT at a Desk Giveaway WINNERS!!

Monday, August 18th, 2014

We’re happy to announce the three winners of our NOT at a Desk Back to School Giveaway! Their entries were selected using

They are:

NaaD 7 Carmen-blog
There’s an animal encyclopedia in the ‘trunk’ and an ‘animal hospital’ in the bushes. We learned all about animals and animal care. ~Carmen

NaaD 37 Holly -blog
At the National Atomic Testing Museum. ~Holly

NaaD 36 Jennie -blog
This is my son at an educational farm. We spent the day learning about the newborn lambs. ~Jennie

Congratulations! The winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to be used toward any digital Brave Writer products!

A big THANK YOU to all who participated! The photos are amazing. Expect to see your children’s nontraditional learning experiences featured by us sometime in the future.

Also, if you’d like to enter another Brave Writer Giveaway that just started, hop over to Creekside Learning where you’ll have a chance to win a copy of A Gracious Space!

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WIN a $50 Brave Writer Gift Certificate!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

NOT at a desk giveaway

Send a photo of your Brave Writer(s) and enter to win a

$50 Gift Certificate!

We want to see your kids learning in nontraditional ways! In a hammock, at the zoo, on a hillside. Anywhere your Brave Writers learn. Just NOT at a desk! Share your photo and enter to win!

Giveaway STARTS August 6th and ENDS August 15th at midnight EST.

Only ONE photo per family, please. (All submissions fall under Creative Commons licensing 3.0, which gives Brave Writer the freedom to publish the images on our blog, other social media sites, and in BW materials. NOTE: we may not be able to feature all photos, especially if the volume we receive is too high, but all entries will be eligible for the prize. Brave Writer employees may not enter.)

EMAIL your photo to and include your first name. Also, put “NOT at a Desk Giveaway” as the subject title.

THREE entries will be randomly chosen and the WINNERS will receive a $50 gift certificate toward digital Brave Writer products.

Also, want to increase your chances? Just share the giveaway on your blog or one of your social media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.), comment here with a link to your post (or let us know when you email your photo), and your one entry will count twice!

A random drawing will be held on August 16th. We will notify the winners via email then publish the results to the blog on Monday, August 18th.

So, send us your photos and enter to win!

UPDATED 8/18/14: Here are the winners!

Image by Brave Writer mom, Chasity (cc text added)

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Poetry Celebration Winners!

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Poet-Tree by CassidyInspired by National Poetry Month, Brave Writer student Cassidy (a winner in last month’s Poetry Contest!) created a “Poet-Tree” filled with her poems

Brave Writer so enjoyed sponsoring and co-hosting the Children’s Poetry Celebration and Contest! A big THANK YOU to all who participated!

Here are the winning poems in each age category:

4-6 Year Olds

A Love For Horses by Alyssa

Graceful, Herbivore
Galloping, Nuzzling, Cantering
I Love All Horses.

7-9 Year Olds

Flower Sonnet by Cassidy

My oh, my a daisy
standing in this black haze.
Someone must be crazy
To plant this plant unfazed.

My oh, my a lily
Standing in the wild.
Someone is knocked silly,
Someone is a child.

My oh, my a blue star
Standing in this tarred yard.
Someone is real bizarre
And thinks he is a bard

Now you’ve heard these curses
Bring in the plant nurses.

10-12 Year Olds

Words by Rachel

Every night, when there is not a single sound
Words from books come alive, move around
Quietly, so there is no catastrophe
They come out and show their personality

“Lively” bounces right off the page
Dancing, while having a big smile on its face
“Shy” simply finds a corner and hides
Afraid to be seen by human eyes

“Curious” inspects everything everywhere
Hoping for something exciting to share
“Arrogant” sniffs and demands praise
But the only one who notices is “Amazed”

“Bored” sighs again and again
Waiting for something that interests him
“Anxious” races around the room
Shouting that everyone is doomed

That’s only a few, but I wanted you to know
About what happens when your eyes are closed WINNER
So the next time you can’t seem to find any sleep
Go to your bookshelf…what do you see?

Thanks to Preschool Powol Packets for organizing the event! Hop over to their site to see more fabulous entries!

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2014 Children’s Poetry Celebration & Contest PLUS Cinquain Poems!!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014

Poetry_CelebrationApril is National Poetry Month! In celebration we’ll be sharing about CINQUAIN POEMS today, but first we want to tell you about the awesome drawing and poetry contest created by Preschool Powol Packets!

During April, co-hosting blogs (like ours!) will post about poetry. Comment on these posts to be entered in a DRAWING for a POETRY PRIZE. An additional entry is available for following host blogs on Facebook (for instance, if you follow Brave Writer, comment here so the entry can be counted).

Kids Poetry Contest!

There’s also a cool Poetry Contest for kids! Children can enter one or two original poems (30 lines or shorter) in one of the following age categories: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12. Entries will be accepted any time during the month of April via a form at Preschool Powol Packets. Poems will be judged on creativity, originality, style, and language. Judging may be subjective and all decisions are final. This year’s contest will be judged by the lovely Becky at This Reading Mama. More info at Preschool Powol Packets.

The following comes from a Playing With Poetry online class
taught by our very own Susanne Barrett.

A Cinquain is a five-lined poem (hence the name!) and is a favorite poetic form for many kids because, as one of our students pointed out, “they are easy and fun to write and they don’t require a whole lot of words!” They also reinforce some basic grammatical parts of speech.

Format for Writing a Cinquain:

Line 1: One word (a noun, the subject of the poem)
Line 2: Two words (adjectives that describe the subject in line 1)
Line 3: Three words (-ing action verbs–participles–that relate to the subject in line 1)
Line 4: Four words (a phrase or sentence that relates feelings about the subject in line 1)
Line 5: One word (a synonym for the subject in line 1 or a word that sums it up)

Alternative Line 5 for older poets: Five words (a phrase or sentence that further relates feelings about the subject in line 1)

Sometimes each line is centered to create a diamond or tree-like shape.

Here’s a Cinquain off the top of my head:

Clever, crafty
Writing, composing, describing
Best words, best order

For older and/or more practiced students, the precise syllables for the cinquain should be observed, following the directions above for relating to the subject of the poem in the first line:

Line 1: two syllables
Line 2: four syllables
Line 3: six syllables
Line 4: eight syllables
Line 5: two syllables (alternative line: ten syllables)

Students may capitalize all the words, none of the words, the first words of each line, or just certain words. And each poem may be capitalized differently, depending on its subject matter, diction (word choice), etc. Just see which way feels the best to you for each poem. Also, slight variations of syllables are okay.

Here’s another Cinquain poem by Dawn Slanker:

Loyal, Brave
Loving, Playing, Guarding
Best friend of man

If your kids write a Cinquain poem, they can submit it to the 2014 Children’s Poetry Celebration & Contest.

The Sponsors

Prize details are at Preschool Powol Packets (Psst! Brave Writer has donated our Arrow Poetry Guide).
Image of paper and pen © |

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We have a winner!

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

There were 133 entries in our Where Brave Writers Write Kindle Fire Giveaway! We numbered them as we received them then used today to select the winner.

CONGRATS to Kiersten, no. 73!

Here’s the winning photo:

Kiersten writes: “This is a picture of my son writing down dinosaur names so he could use them in a video game called Scribblenauts.”

A big THANK YOU to everyone who sent in a photo! We’ve already highlighted some and will continue to feature others in the weeks ahead. We’re thrilled to honor the writing efforts of your Brave Writers!

Image (cc)

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So many Brave Writers!

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

We won’t be able to share all the Where Brave Writers Write submissions today (we plan to highlight many fearless writers in the coming weeks, even after the Kindle Fire giveaway is over) but here are a few more fabulous photos! Enjoy!






The deadline for entering the Kindle Fire Giveaway is tonight at midnight EST.

A random drawing will be held on December 11, 2013. We will notify the winner via email then publish it to the blog.

All images (cc)

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KINDLE FIRE giveaway deadline is tomorrow!

Monday, December 9th, 2013

The entries are pouring in! Look at these awesome Brave Writers!
Send us your photo for our

Where Brave Writers Write KINDLE FIRE Giveaway!

HURRY! Deadline is tomorrow, Dec. 10th!





















Enter to win! The deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 10th at midnight EST!

All images (cc)

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Near a crackling fire, atop a lovely hill, on a couch surrounded by furry friends!

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

Those are just some of the places Brave Writers write! Enjoy recent entries below then send us your photo for our

Where Brave Writers Write KINDLE FIRE Giveaway!

Deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 10th!














Enter to win! The deadline is Tuesday, Dec. 10th!

All images (cc)

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Don’t forget to enter our Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

WBWW Kindle Fire Giveaway

   CLICK HERE for details. Deadline is Tuesday, December 10th!

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