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Happy Holidays!

Brave Writer

We at Brave Writer wish you all the best during this holiday season!

In these upcoming days as this year draws to a close, we hope you are able to slow the pace of your everyday life and savor the beauty of family.

The staff of Brave Writer will also be slowing the pace a bit in these last days of 2022.

Between December 25 and January 3, we will only be available to answer urgent questions via email, such as log in or class payment issues.

Non-urgent emails, however, such as product help and class recommendations, will be addressed after the holidays, the week of January 4.

Please feel free to continue to post and participate in our Brave Learner Home community, if you are a member.

Thank you for all the ways you show us that our work is meaningful in your lives.

Happy New Year! See you in 2023.

Have a wonderful end of the year celebration!

Writing Coach: Johannah Bogart

Writing Coach Johannah Bogart

Continuing our series of our fabulous WORK-FROM-HOME writing coaches…

Meet Johannah!

You’ve probably seen this lovely person before. She’s my daughter!

Johannah has been working for Brave Writer for six years as a Book and Movie Club facilitator. She has logged in to chat with your kiddos from all over the world. New York, Peru, Malaysia, Japan, Colombia, and now, more permanently (of late) Mexico.

Here she is (in the photo above), working away at her home in Sayulita. If you look closely, you’ll get to meet Bagheera, Johannah’s shadow and puppy! An honorary Brave Writer Family member.

Johannah is one of our students’ favorite instructors. Her style is a combination of:

  • offbeat,
  • relevant,
  • easygoing,
  • and insightful.

Kids relate to her because her commenting is so conversational, it’s like you’re talking directly to her. Add to that her experience as a life coach, and homeschool alum herself, and you can imagine the riches she brings to our classroom week in and week out.

We’re so honored to have you on our team, Johannah.

You can sign up your students for her book club and/or her movie clubs here!

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Writing Coach: Diana Allor

Brave Writer coach Diana Allor

Diana Allor is a writing coach who pairs a voice of experience with gentle encouragement to form a winning combination. She’s a deep thinker who loves literature and writing.

Truth? Diana is everything she seems to be. When we met at our staff retreat, she exuded calm and generosity. She’s a soft talker, with powerful skills!

Diana is open to considering anything you say to her—taking it in and reflecting carefully on your point, then coming back with her thoughts. She’s the perfect coach to discuss writing and books with your kids.

Listen to what this mom had to say:

Diana was wonderful!  Her encouraging comments to my daughter gave her the motivation to write more. Watching Diana slowly pull gold from everyone’s children through the slow process of observation, freewrite, and revision was a revelation! 

Diana is also one of the most flexible coaches on our team!

Diana has taught:

  • Shakespeare,
  • Essay Prep,
  • Expository Essay,
  • Literary Analysis,
  • Brave Writer 101,
  • and Book Club.

Learn more about Diana.

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Writing Coach: Erin Quinn

Brave Writer Coach Erin Quinn

Erin Quinn is one of a kind! Growing up in South East Asia, different languages helped spark her fascination with how words come together to create meaning. She went on to get her degree in English, at the University of Northern Colorado. Well traveled, this gal!

Now as a military family, she moves every couple of years—yet her commitment to Brave Writer families has never wavered. Game to try anything, she quickly became one of our most versatile coaches. She has always adopted the playful spirit of her online classes, adding a sprinkling of her own experience and strong writing style.

Can I just tell you that Erin was the life of the party at our staff retreat? Always smiling, always chatting, always sunny. Life is good when you’ve got Erin in your world! (Our Brave Writer students think so too!) Her genuine interest in our students and parents is delightful. She’s been known to join in with her students in the fun activities in class, inventing her own vocabulary words and sharing a laugh with the kids.

Turns out she can roll with the punches too. Check out this picture of Erin (above) working at the kitchen table to accommodate her husband’s new working-from-home set up! We appreciate your dedication, Erin! Thank you for tirelessly serving our families.

Erin says: “I am working at my kitchen table because my husband moved my desk to our bedroom so he can work from home. The tiny corner I had carved out for myself has been cannibalized to make two work spaces. Behold the chaos of my kitchen/dining room!”

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Writing Coach: Kate Foran

Brave Writer Coach Kate Foran

In a world where so many are now working from home, we wanted to show you OUR working-from-home staff! Isolation or no isolation, our coaches are consistently dedicated to partnering with you on your writing journey with your kids.

The Brave Writer “office” is always open—ready to see behind the scenes?
We’re so lucky that Kate Foran’s lifelong relationship with homeschooling has included Brave Writer! She’s got it all! A former homeschooled student herself, Kate Foran has been

  • a freelance writer,
  • a writing tutor,
  • an administrator for a homeschool group,
  • a presenter in writing workshops,
  • a regular blogger,
  • and a writer of poetry and essays.

Oh, AND she homeschools her daughter. What!? But what made us first fall in love with Kate is her way with words. Dreamy. Her writing just has that secret sauce. She knows what makes writing TICK. You never want to stop reading.

Even her students think so! Listen to this young man’s endorsement of Kate from an Essay Prep online class:

“[Writing] can be fun, without pressure, giving your imagination time to fly and letting your opinion develop. Thanks for allowing the freedom of submitting work without criticizing and red labeling every. little. thing. The feedback was often fun to read, always helpful and inspiring.” –Noah

See our lovely Kate at home in the photo above! She is gearing up to teach another round of our stress-free revision class: Brave Writer 102.

Thank you, Kate, for being a rockstar in our midst!

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