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Flash Sale: Updated Arrows!

Brave Writer

Great news! 

Seven of our older Arrows are back and better than ever! 

Keep reading for details on the 72 hour sale! (Scroll down for the Discount Code.)

We love our Arrows, but don’t take our word for it!

Here’s what parents like you have to say! 

It is a completely different way to teach language arts. My kids were interested and excited each time we did a lesson. They know things now that we’ve never even looked at in any other grammar or spelling program. Any time you can get kids excited about learning, you’ve got a winner. — Betsy

It’s an in-depth but gentle tool. — Megan

It takes the guesswork and planning out of it for me and keeps reading and language arts at an extremely attainable level. My kids do not fight me on it at all! That’s huge! — Becky

That IS huge! Are you ready?

This is the perfect time to jump in or stock up on Arrows (ages 11-12)!

We’ve recently given seven beloved classic Arrows a make-over.

  • New content!
  • New design!

Same high-quality grammar, punctuation, spelling, and literary device instruction!

And don’t forget, Book Club Party ideas! (Text a friend to book club together with one of these Arrows!) 

These best-selling Arrows will help you bring language to life through living literature!

  1. Wonder
  2. Redwall
  3. Stuart Little
  4. The Wild Robot
  5. In the Beginning
  6. The Bad Beginning
  7. From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss the sale!

Offer ends September 20, 2023 at midnight ET.

Use FLASH2023 and get $5 OFF each Arrow above. 

Make Learning Stick: Middle School Writers

Brave Writer Middle School Writers

Middlers are my favorite! They’re more competent than ever but still have a great sense of humor and playfulness in their approach to learning. 

I bet you want to ensure they are well prepared for high school.

I bet they want to ensure they get to pursue what interests them.

Good news!

Our Middle School Writers bundle does all of that!

  • Includes both oral and written activities for language skill growth
  • Teaches academic writing skills: interviewing, conducting research, identifying credible data, organizing writing into a report, writing poetry, analyzing rhetoric, and more!
  • Provides monthly high-quality novels for you and your student to read together and analyze 
  • Offers soup to nuts writing instruction that teaches how to go from idea to finished draft
  • Teaches tear-free revision strategies!

This program is so meaty, it may last you two years!

You can be confident that your middlers will be both stimulated and well prepared!

Brave Writer Bundles

If you’re looking for some additional support, check out our online classes.

Psst: Do you have new-to-Brave-Writer friends? You can get a discount for them and for yourself using our Refer-a-Friend program!

Brave Writer Bundles

Make Learning Stick: Emerging Writers

Brave Writers Emerging

You know what feels like magic to kids?

Seeing their own words on a page!

That magical moment when thought gets preserved in writing is as big as the first word your child spoke. But this time, the CHILD is as enamored of their own linguistic power. They get to feel the wonder of seeing their ideas and words valued on the page!

This process can begin even when a child is still learning to handwrite, read, and spell. It’s possible to have the experience of being an author as a little rascal!

Introducing Brave Writer’s Emerging Writers Bundle!

The Emerging Writers Bundle:

  • Provides a compelling read aloud for every month of the school year
  • Supports the growth of your early readers and hand writers
  • Gives meaningful writing activities that kids love (like secret codes, designing their own island chain, and creating a catalog for a history research project)
  • Teaches YOU how to teach original writing—from soup to nuts—every step from idea generation to first drafts to revision to editing and polishing!

This program is our most flexible. My kids did these activities all together when the age range was 6—13 years old. It’s also our most popular bundle!

Brave Writer Bundles

We have materials for every age and stage of development. Join Brave Writer this year for an amazing writing program!

Psst: Do you have new-to-Brave-Writer friends? You can get a discount for them and for yourself using our Refer-a-Friend program!

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Mechanics & Literature: September 2023

Brave Writer

September’s Dart, Arrow, and Boomerang selections show what’s possible with courage and the support of a trusted sidekick or family member—all while exploring the writing, mechanics, and literary devices featured throughout these stories.

And this month’s Quill is designed to spark interest and ingenuity! Get inventive as your family reads picture books, sizes up schematics, and explores biographies!

Brave Writer Quill
Quill (ages 5-7)

Inventions & Inventors

Are you ready to get inventive with a brand new Quill? Check out our Inventions and Inventors book list to start curating your September read-aloud stack!

In this Quill, we’ll:

  • scour the pages for schematics and sketches;
  • take an up-close-and-personal look at biographies;
  • spell out some step-by-step instructions;
  • invent a writing implement;
  • tally kitchen-related math-inspired inventions; and
  • get our wheels turning with a close look at circles!

Get the Quill.

Brave Writer Dart
Dart (ages 8-10)

Ra the Mighty: Cat Detective by Amy Butler Greenfield

Can a lazy cat and his sidekick, a beetle, really crack a mystery? Find out when you read this comical mystery brimming with historical details and wacky fun!

This month’s literary device is red herrings.

Inside this Dart we’ll also:

  • make some hoopla about a terrific opening hook;
  • explore a setting full of palm trees and papyrus;
  • click some onomatopoeia into place;
  • contemplate context clues;
  • unpack articles;
  • enjoy a good action beat as we discover dialogue punctuation;
  • deploy some dots in an array of end marks; and so much more! 

Purchase the book.

Get the Dart.

Brave Writer Arrow
Arrow (ages 11-12)

Wildoak by C.C. Harrington

Join Maggie and a snow leopard named Rumpus in Wildoak Forest. This beautifully written story—a triumphant celebration of the interconnectedness of the human, animal, and natural worlds—is a perfect read aloud.

September’s literary device is Alternating Points of View.

In this Arrow we’ll also: 

  • pause to ponder the prologue;
  • savor the suspense that hooks us as readers;
  • keep things short and sweet with sentence fragments;
  • listen to the rhythms of alliteration, assonance,and consonance;
  • sniff out the power of sensory details;
  • immerse ourselves in the imagery and lyricism of the writing; and so much more!

Purchase the book.

Get the Arrow.

Brave Writer Boomerang
Boomerang (13-14)

Brother’s Keeper by Julie Lee

This work of historical fiction provides a rare look at North Korea on the brink of war in 1950. We’re confident this important story will inspire thoughtful conversations in your homeschool.

In this Boomerang, we’ll:

  • feature flashbacks;
  • savor sensory detail;
  • bask in the book’s back matter;
  • compare characters: main, secondary, and minor;
  • hear about the hero’s journey;
  • highlight historical fiction; and so much more!

Purchase the book.

Get the Boomerang.

For ages 15-18, check out the Slingshot.

Brave Writer

Make Learning Stick: Beginning Writers

Brave Writer Beginning Writers

What if your kids learned to love writing this year?

So many parents assume that if there is JOY in the writing assignments, it must not be a SERIOUS program. But what if writing was supposed to produce joy?

After all, the content of writing is your amazing child’s MIND! Why wouldn’t that be a delight to discover and capture in words!?

Kids who experience joy are far more likely to learn what you want them to know! Joy is the glue that makes the learning stick.

Introducing the Brave Writer Beginning Writers Bundle!

The Beginning Writers Bundle helps you:

  • Lay the groundwork for literacy in reading, writing and math
  • Teaches you how to ask the kinds of questions that stimulate conversation and learning
  • Provides activities that get your kids out of their chairs and into their bodies
  • Allows a child to “write their own stories” even before they can read or handwrite

This bundle has everything you need to start strong!

Who’s it for?

Your youngest kiddos (ages 5-7): it’s important to lay that solid foundation of joy in self expression! It’s also a wonderful time to explore books and pencils—to fall in love with both!

Join us for an adventure all year!

Can’t wait for you to experience what our families have told us is life-changing.

Brave Writer Bundles

If you’re looking for some additional support, check out our online classes.

Psst: Do you have new-to-Brave-Writer friends? You can get a discount for them and for yourself using our Refer-a-Friend program!

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