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Jumpstart with Julie

Jumpstart with Julie

August 14-September 22, 2023

What if we were neighbors?

  • “I wish you lived next door.”
  • “I bet we’d be best friends.”
  • “It would be amazing to have you in my living room.”
  • “We call Julie the Fairy Godmother of Homeschooling.”

Are these not the kindest, most affirming messages?

They got me thinking:

What if I could pop into your living rooms, make friends with you, and sprinkle a little pixie dust on your homeschools? What if you could start your year with a cohort of other parents embarking on this audacious homeschooling journey, guided by me?

What if I could give you a “jumpstart”?

Introducing Jumpstart with Julie

Let’s jump in together!

Here’s what you don’t need:

  • Too many chatty webinars to attend
  • Busywork worksheets (hate those!)
  • Platitudes (you have Instagram for that)
  • Generic solutions (that don’t help you or your kids!)
  • Lots of philosophical ideas instead of actual practices

Here’s what I know creates confidence:

  • Live targeted teachings
  • Practical plans that are easy to implement
  • Gentle accountability to your best intentions
  • Community support from fellow travelers
  • One-on-one time with me (yeah, you read that right)

For six weeks, we’re going to walk into this school year together—linking arms.

First Two Weeks

Imagine kicking off the school year with

  • guided research
  • notifying your state (country) if needed 
  • preparing your home and curriculum

Next Four Weeks

Now imagine experimenting with four different structures for homeschooling to find the best fit!

  • Week One: DISCOVER: The kick off!
  • Week Two: PLAN AHEAD: Following a schedule
  • Week Three: PLAN FROM BEHIND: Following a child’s interests
  • Week Four: US-SCHOOLING: Creating a custom routine

What does the Jumpstart include?

  • Six-Week On Ramp to Homeschool (written by me)
  • Six webinars with me (+ replay access)
  • Q&A time at the end of each webinar
  • Emails with your week’s tasks clearly laid out
  • “Happy Hours”—drop in to chat with me about YOUR family
  • “All you need for the year” shopping lists
  • Hacks for your home to make it fit your homeschool
  • Worry prevention: how to be accountable and love it!
  • Habit formation: which to cultivate and which to ditch

How to Apply

The members of the cohort will be hand selected by me

Who is this program for?

  1. Brand NEW homeschoolers
  2. NEW Brave Writer families who homeschool
  3. Homeschoolers who need a NEW injection of life in their homeschool

In short, if you are a homeschooler with flexibility to experiment, try new models of learning, and feel the need for personal support, instruction, and accountability—this is for YOU!

Who is this program NOT for?

  1. Homeschoolers who have a well-established plan and don’t want to change it
  2. Homeschoolers who use K-12 or any other externally structured program
  3. Homeschoolers who are too busy to attend the webinars (or watch replays) or do the activities in the program

To apply, please fill out this form.

Note: taking applications until Monday, July 24.

Jumpstart with Julie

Bring a friend!

When you apply, you’ll be asked if you have a friend you’d like to join you in our cohort. Doing this process with a local or online friend will feel really supportive to you! You will each get a discount for tuition when you both apply. You’ll pay one price and settle up between you


  • $249.00 (sign up in July)
  • $398.00 (sign up with a friend—$199 each)
  • $299.00 (sign up by August 10)

Can’t wait to meet you!

Jumpstart with Julie

Replays: Summer Camp 2023

Brave Writer Summer Camp

It’s Summer Camp time!

Our Brave Writer camp is designed for homeschool parents like you who need a little extra boost of support!

The day-long camp is packed with useful information about

  • homeschooling
  • writing
  • all things Brave Writer

Replays are available below.


Note: the discount has expired.

How to be a Happy Homeschooler (Julie Bogart)

What does it take to be a happy homeschooler? The answer may surprise you. Join Julie to get the inside scoop on creating the homeschool that’s just right for you and your family! With joy, delight, and yes, happiness!


Stress-Free Class Planning (Kirsten Merryman)

Planning a year of education can feel daunting. You may feel overwhelmed with the bounty of choices as you try to find the best class fits for your child over the course of an entire school year. Kirsten Merryman (Director of Online Classes) is here to help! Join us for a conversation about where to start and how to pace the learning for a rewarding and stress-free language arts experience.


Poetry Teatime (Melissa Wiley)

The incomparable Melissa Wiley (children’s novelist, homeschool veteran of six, Brave Writer podcast co-host and product writer) will host a Poetry Teatime! Melissa has been writing children’s books since 1995, including her Brave Writer featured books, The Prairie Thief and The Nerviest Girl in the World.


Unlocking Learning Through Literature (Dawn Smith)

Whether fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or fantasy, literature opens doors to a wide range of school subjects and learning adventures. Discover how grammar, punctuation, spelling, and literary devices can be taught naturally, while also inviting children into science, history, math, geography, and imagination. Dawn Smith (Director of Publishing) shares how!


Jumpstart Your Homeschool (Julie Bogart)

You’re ready to take the leap into homeschooling! Wish you had a safety net? A guide? A mentor? Jumpstart your homeschool with Julie to get all that and more. Six-weeks of hand-holding content with intimate sessions that will give you practical tools and implementable guidance—along with a supportive community!

Come learn more about how to Jumpstart Your Homeschool with Julie and our 14,000+ membership community, Brave Learner Home.


Brave Writer Summer Camp

Theory of Knowledge Webinar: How to Develop Critical Thinkers

Theory of Knowledge

Guess what? Brave Writer is heading into the world of the International Baccalaureate!

I’ve been invited to be on a prestigious panel to discuss the power of critical thinking in education around the world.

YOU are invited to join us! It’s a FREE webinar featuring powerful thinkers. I am honored to participate!

I hope you’ll join us! Read more for details.

  • How to Develop Critical Thinkers: A Special Panel Discussion
  • Wednesday, November 9, 2022
  • 10:00 AM (EST), 3:00 PM (GMT)
  • Register

From the Theory of Knowledge website:

Children are natural-born critical thinkers, with an insatiable curiosity about the world, and a scientist’s desire to explain the way things work.

But many education systems end up suppressing rather than encouraging these instincts, turning sophisticated young critical thinkers into reluctant participants in the classroom. On 9th November, we’ll discuss this problem, and offer strategies to help you channel rather than curtail your children’s in-born abilities as epistemologists.

We’ll consider how we can help children at every stage of development to grow in their ability to explore the world around them, examine how their loyalties and biases affect their beliefs, and generate fresh insight rather than simply recycling what they’ve been taught.

We’ll discuss:

  • What is critical thinking?
  • Why is critical thinking so important?
  • Whose responsibility is it to hone critical thinking – schools, parents, both?
  • How do we measure our success in developing critical thinking?
  • How do educational systems help or hinder critical thinking?
  • Is it ever too early or late to develop critical thinking?
  • How do we avoid making people feel we’re attacking their worldviews when we advocate critical thinking?
  • What can we do to support the development of critical thinking skills?

Register now for the FREE webinar discussing how to channel – not curtail – children’s natural critical acumen about the world.

Sign Up

Raising Critical Thinkers FREE Webinar

Raising Critical Thinkers

I miss you! No conferences, no travel. Blerg!

This year, due to the constraints of, well, every single thing, I decided it would be wonderful and cool to celebrate the publication date of RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS with EVERYONE via Zoom.

I’m excited to read to you, to talk about the contents of the book, to share some big news about how I am celebrating the book with you, and more.

DATE: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
TIME: 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (+5 GMT)
PLACE: Zoom webinar

The first 500 people can attend live when you register here (a replay will be available).

Last time I held a book launch, there was a legit snow storm which meant everyone was late and stressed and cold. This time, you can be in the comfort of your own home, with slippers and hot tea and the glow of a lamp. 

New York Times Best-selling author, Adam Grant, wrote a wonderful review: “This is the guide parents need to become thoughtful consumers of information.” 

Feel free to pass the registration link along to your friends too!

(I do have an in-person event the following week, so keep reading if you’re local to Cincinnati.)



Cincinnati, Ohio

For those of you who live local to me, I’m doing a LIVE in-person reading the following week!

You can read more details here.

I’ll be signing your books for you, too.

DATE: Monday, February 7, 2022
TIME: 7:00 PM Eastern
PLACE: Jospeh-Beth Booksellers, Rookwood*
2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208

All are welcome, including your kids!

*If you haven’t purchased a book yet, we do ask that you buy one at the book store to support this event. Not required, but a nice courtesy!


Excited for you to be a part of the growing number of parents who are putting quality thinkers out into the world. We need them!

Learn more about the book here (includes pre-order links): RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS

Raising Critical Thinkers

Brave Writer Summer Camp 2021!

Brave Writer Summer Camp 2021

The homeschool highway is filled with families zipping by at full speed. You’re wondering how to merge without crashing. We’ve got an on-ramp designed just for you!

Our FREE online Summer Camp is over but you can watch REPLAYS below!

The day-long camp is packed with useful information about 

  • homeschooling
  • writing
  • all things Brave Writer

We’ve also put together a FREE Summer Camp Handbook with activities for your kids while you are webinar-ing.

NOTE: The discount code shared in the replays has expired.

Free Webinars

Why We’re Passionate about Our Online Writing Classes (Kirsten Merryman

Our award-wining online classes are unlike any on the market. Kirsten Merryman (Director of Online Classes) offers insights into how to help kids tap into their passions and fall in love with writing. Discover how online classes can fit seamlessly into your writing program with just the right dose of online interaction.


Reading and Writing Together (Dawn Smith) 

In this session, Dawn Smith (Director of Publishing) will talk about the power of reading aloud to your kids and how literature is a springboard for learning all the mechanics of writing. Imagine combining handwriting, spelling, grammar, and literary power using living literature! It’s a beautiful vision!


Rest and Recovery for the Home Educator (Johannah Bogart)  


Roadmap to Your Best Homeschool Life: Brave Learner Home (Jeanne Faulconer

Imagine having support, friendship, coaching, and resources that give you what you need when you need them. Our Brave Learner Home community is designed to offer you the space you need to grow. Our goal is not to scrutinize curriculum but to work with the underlying principles of healthy family life combined with how to harness the power of natural learning. We’ll also take care of you, so you have the stamina to keep going. Join Jeanne Faulconer (Director of the Brave Learner Home) and Julie Bogart for an hour of inspiration!


On-Ramp to Homeschool (Julie Bogart)

Join Julie Bogart (Creator of the Brave Writer program) to hear about how to jump-start your homeschool for the fall. She’ll cover how to boot up the first six weeks and plan for a great year ahead. Great for newbies and in the “middle of the muddle” homeschoolers too. Julie will give an overview of how the whole Brave Writer program fits together. If you are still wondering how to get started with Brave Writer, this is the session for you!


Special Offer

We have a special offer for you! When you purchase $198.00 worth of curriculum, you will be automatically added to our special homeschool community called: Brave Learner Home. Your qualifying purchase provides you with a lifetime membership!

Brave Learner Home