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FREE Webinar: How to be Your Child’s Writing Coach and Ally!

The Writer's Jungle Online Free Webinar

I’ve been listening.

Everyday I get emails and messages on social media that express the same thing: teaching your kids writing is hard on your heart.

I hear that many of you don’t know where to start. Or worse, that your relationship with your children suffers when you try to teach writing.

  • Should you focus on content or spelling?
  • How important is a topic sentence?
  • What about grammar?
  • Why does my child cry when we try to revise the writing to make it better?

I get it! I’ve lived it too.

Writing rescue is ahead! I’d like to introduce you to how we teach you to be an effective writing coach and ally to your children.

FREE Webinar: Be Your Child’s Writing Coach and Ally

In the recorded webinar I walk you through our award-winning online class called The Writer’s Jungle Online to demonstrate to you a new way to bring writing to life in your family.

I also share ideas you can apply right away and help you understand which options in Brave Writer will suit your family best.

Watch the Webinar

Free Webinar: The Natural Stages of Growth in Writing

Natural Stages of Growth in Writing

Natural Stages of Growth in Writing
with Julie Bogart

FREE Webinar!

  • Do you wonder if your child is at grade level in writing?
  • Worried that public schooled kids are doing MORE writing than your same-aged child?
  • Curious about why one child writes freely and well while a sibling balks, cries, and resists?
  • Need some fresh ideas to get your kids motivated to write?

Glad you asked!

I’d like to invite you to join me for a Fall Teacher In-Service Training about writing. We’ll discuss the natural developmental stages of growth in writing and how to address each age and stage with practical help.

The webinar was held live on November 20, 2018 but no worries if you missed it!

Here’s the REPLAY

Take a Tour of our Expository Essay Class

Brave Writer Expository Essay Webinar

You’ve asked to see Brave Writer classes in action, and we’ve listened. Sign up for a front row seat to a tour of our Expository Essay classes for high school students!

  • Would you like to see how our expository essay classes look from the inside?
  • Do you wonder about pacing?
  • Are you curious to see what kind of feedback and instruction our teachers give?

Kirsten Merryman and Jen Holman, veteran Brave Writer instructors, will take you on a guided tour of the classroom. They’ll show you a sneak peek of our Brand New cartoon video footage that we use to instruct kids who need a little more audio-visual support. You’ll be able to ask any and all questions.

In other words: find out everything you want to know about the essay program before signing up!

Expository Essay Class: Exploratory & Persuasive

Expository Essay Class: Rhetorical Critique & Analysis

Let’s face it: teaching academic writing feels daunting. Most of us haven’t written an academic paper since high school or college ourselves. Now, as a homeschooling parent, you want your child to be prepared for the rigors of college, but the terrain of academic writing is unfamiliar.

Our method of teaching the expository essay honors the standards expected in academic writing, while resisting the straitjacket of boring formats and rules that put teens off essay writing for good.

How do we do it? We can’t wait to show you!

→ Join us LIVE for a chance to win a FREE SEAT in one of the classes!

In this free webinar, you’ll learn how we help teens

      • Move beyond the “blank page, blank stare” syndrome that plagues young academic writers who don’t know what to write
      • Explore multiple points of view on controversial topics
      • Prove arguments using reasoning, facts and evidence
      • Learn the building blocks of strong academic writing they can use in any subject area

Don’t miss this chance to see an actual Expository Essay class in action and to hear directly from our caring instructors. You’ll also see how our instructor feedback grows writers who feel empowered to improve instead of defeated by crushing criticism. We’ll answer all your questions, too!

Title: High School Writing—Expository Essay Class
Date and Time: Friday, Sept. 28, 2018 @ 3:00 PM Eastern
Register for the online webinar here.

Join us live for a chance to win a free seat in one of the classes!

If you’ve got friends who are new to Brave Writer and have high school students, this is a fantastic way to get to know us. Please share the webinar link with them.

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2018 Brave Writer Summer Camp RECAP

2018 Brave Writer Summer Camo

We had the best time with all of you during Brave Writer Summer Camp!

Your photos brought so much joy to our team. We kept sharing them in our staff chat channel, ooing and ahhing over your darling kids, your creative solutions to watching the webinars while herding your children into happy activities, and the wonderful notes you took and shared with your friends!

We also LOVED all the comments you made during our sessions. Did you know that when we put your comments into a Word doc, they took up 88 pages!? You all had a LOT to say and we look forward to taking your ideas and making Brave Writer even better because of them!

In the meantime, it’s time to announce the WINNERS of our giveaway and contest.


The winner of a new iPad is… (drum roll):

Tina Robertson!

We’re so happy for you Tina! Your iPad is a 32GB + WiFi in Rose Gold with your name and Brave Writer engraved on the back. Congratulations!

Instagram Photo Contest Winner

The photos shared on Instagram using the #bravewritercamp hashtag were incredible! We loved seeing how enthusiastically your families deep dove into our summer camp festivities. We have a winner and several honorable mentions.

Congratulations to our photo contest grand prize winner, @Naturally_oddmama, who participated in camp with her delightful new baby. Copies of all three signed A Gracious Space books and The Poetry Teatime Companion are on their way!

2018 Brave Writer Summer Camp Photo Winner

Watching the webinars with a baby was no easy feat! @Naturally_oddmama wrote: “[She] loves to make sounds when she hears people speak, but I guess she was just putting her original thought to work!” Ha! So great.

Choosing one winner was much too hard for our team! And so, Honorable Mentions (and some sweet Brave Writer swag) go to:


Also swag bags filled with Brave Writer goodies were sent to over 50 webinar attendees!

Our delighted thanks to all who participated! You make it ALL worthwhile.

Brave Writer Summer Camp 2018

2018 Brave Writer Summer Camp

Register for our FREE Online Summer Camp!

Need a homeschool tune up but don’t have the energy to drag yourself and your kids to a convention? We gotchu! Stay put with tall glasses of lemonade, your computer screen, and games for the kids.

Summer Camp features 5 identical webinars on Tuesday and Wednesday (with a bonus webinar on Monday afternoon), in different time slots so you can arrange your schedule to suit you (and not have to park yourself in front of the computer for all five in one day). I’ve invited my friends to share helpful information about language arts, the Brave Writer program, and learning challenges.

Plus our Online Summer Camp comes with a free PDF digital handbook that has all the details for how to participate (even games for your kids!).

2018 Brave Writer Summer Camp Handbook


Monday, July 23 (Bonus Webinar)

4:00 P.M. Open House: A Guided Tour of the Homeschool Alliance (Julie Bogart)

Tuesday, July 24

10:00 A.M. The Writer’s Jungle: How to be an Effective Writing Coach (Julie Bogart)
1:00 P.M. Language Arts: Literature and Mechanics in Brave Writer (Mary Wilson)
4:00 P.M. Are Online Writing Classes Right for My Family? (Kirsten Merryman)
6:00 P.M. Homeschool Writing with a Slew of Kids (Julie Bogart)
8:00 P.M. Tackle Learning Challenges in Writing and Reading (Rita Cevasco)

Wednesday, July 25

10:00 A.M. Are Online Writing Classes Right for My Family? (Kirsten Merryman)
1:00 P.M. Language Arts: Literature and Mechanics in Brave Writer (Mary Wilson)
4:00 P.M. Homeschool Writing with a Slew of Kids (Julie Bogart)
6:00 P.M. Tackle Learning Challenges in Writing and Reading (Rita Cevasco)
8:00 P.M. The Writer’s Jungle: How to be an Effective Writing Coach (Julie Bogart)

These sessions are LIVE only (no replay) so you want to be sure you sign up for the time slot you can attend.


Everyone who registers we’ll automatically be entered into a drawing for…drum roll please:

Brave Writer Summer Camp iPad Giveaway

An iPad with special engraving!
The iPad will feature the winner’s name and Brave Writer on the back.

Photo Prize
We’re awarding the collection of Gracious Space books and our Poetry Teatime Companion to the family who posts our favorite Instagram image during Summer Camp (hashtag #bravewritercamp).

Swag Prizes
In each webinar, we’ll draw several winners to receive stickers, pens, and bookmarks for you and your kids. Tune in live, participate in the chat, and you’ll be eligible to win!

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