Brave Writer Summer Camp 2021!

Brave Writer Summer Camp 2021

The homeschool highway is filled with families zipping by at full speed. You’re wondering how to merge without crashing. We’ve got an on-ramp designed just for you!

Our FREE online Summer Camp is over but you can watch REPLAYS below!

The day-long camp is packed with useful information about 

  • homeschooling
  • writing
  • all things Brave Writer

We’ve also put together a FREE Summer Camp Handbook with activities for your kids while you are webinar-ing.

NOTE: The discount code shared in the replays has expired.

Free Webinars

Why We’re Passionate about Our Online Writing Classes (Kirsten Merryman

Our award-wining online classes are unlike any on the market. Kirsten Merryman (Director of Online Classes) offers insights into how to help kids tap into their passions and fall in love with writing. Discover how online classes can fit seamlessly into your writing program with just the right dose of online interaction.


Reading and Writing Together (Dawn Smith) 

In this session, Dawn Smith (Director of Publishing) will talk about the power of reading aloud to your kids and how literature is a springboard for learning all the mechanics of writing. Imagine combining handwriting, spelling, grammar, and literary power using living literature! It’s a beautiful vision!


Rest and Recovery for the Home Educator (Johannah Bogart)  


Roadmap to Your Best Homeschool Life: Brave Learner Home (Jeanne Faulconer

Imagine having support, friendship, coaching, and resources that give you what you need when you need them. Our Brave Learner Home community is designed to offer you the space you need to grow. Our goal is not to scrutinize curriculum but to work with the underlying principles of healthy family life combined with how to harness the power of natural learning. We’ll also take care of you, so you have the stamina to keep going. Join Jeanne Faulconer (Director of the Brave Learner Home) and Julie Bogart for an hour of inspiration!


On-Ramp to Homeschool (Julie Bogart)

Join Julie Bogart (Creator of the Brave Writer program) to hear about how to jump-start your homeschool for the fall. She’ll cover how to boot up the first six weeks and plan for a great year ahead. Great for newbies and in the “middle of the muddle” homeschoolers too. Julie will give an overview of how the whole Brave Writer program fits together. If you are still wondering how to get started with Brave Writer, this is the session for you!


Special Offer

We have a special offer for you! When you purchase $198.00 worth of curriculum, you will be automatically added to our special homeschool community called: Brave Learner Home. Your qualifying purchase provides you with a lifetime membership!

Brave Learner Home

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