Replay: Homeschooling + Holidays

Homeschooling through the Holidays REPLAY

I love homeschooling in the fall (the fragrance of newly sharpened pencils and Scotch tape—right Kathleen Kelly?). October also signals a “let’s get a lot done because the holidays are coming” vibe.

So I’ve got three principles to keep in mind.

Less is more.

Focus on the holidays and get learning tossed into the bargain.

Go slow to go fast.

Rushing reduces what’s learned. Better to learn one thing well than cover a slew of things in a hurry. Use the holidays as your one thing. Dive deep, milk it. Use The Continent of Learning to help you, The Brave Learner, pages 24-27.


Rely on each other. Share the load. If you don’t have local friends, reach out to online ones. You can partner to plan lessons or parties or celebrate wins or get fresh ideas.
Check out the webinar I did that goes into this topic in depth: 

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