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Journey Into the Past

Penning the Past online writing class

Got a child obsessed with

  • American Girl books?
  • Magic Tree House?
  • Civil War battles?
  • WWII facts?

We have an online writing class for you! Take Penning the Past this summer!

Historical fiction is enchanting to kids. Now they have a chance to try their hand at this fascinating genre.

You’ll be surprised how well non-fiction and fiction blend together to engage even your most reluctant writers!

Why is historical fiction a great entry point to creative writing?

Many of the story elements are READY before they start! The setting, conflict, even the characters might be something your kids already have imagined.

ENTHUSIASM is built in! This is your child’s chance to take that historical event they’re obsessed with and run with it!

Parameters associated with historical fiction (time, place, etc.) act as GUIDANCE for your writers. Having a ‘container’ in which to develop their stories actually gives them more to write about!

Students build ACADEMIC SKILLS as they research. The differences between primary and secondary sources, accuracy and editing their work all come into play.

This class is a fantastic compliment to TRAVEL. Follow up a family trip with a deep dive into the world they’ve been visiting! 

See what students say:

Thank you so much for this amazing class! You have really helped me to grow as a writer! Thank you for the new experience! – Abby 

I have not been to Pompeii, but I visited a travelling exhibition last month at the Australian National Maritime Museum showing some of the Pompeii artifacts. It was so interesting to see their real jewelry, strongbox, bread, other food, bowls etc. I was able to feel connected with the people and life at that tragic time. – Manu

Allow your child to be TRANSPORTED to another place and time this summer, with Historical Fiction


Penning the Past

Kids Won’t Even Know They’re Writing!

Brave Writer Online Movie Discussion Club

Take Learning to the Movies!

Parents ask me: “How do I get my reluctant writer to grow?”

I answer: “Join a Movie Discussion Club class! They won’t even feel like they’re writing.”

Why do we expect our kids to jump straight into academic writing?

Students of all ages need a chance to play with words and ideas before we expect them to put those thoughts into a ship-shape essay; to get the feel of the raw clay in their hands before they sit down to throw a fully formed pot.

Summer is a great time to flip the script!

Watch a movie, write about it in a conversation with other students, and BUILD academic writing skills naturally!

In our Discussion Clubs, students will:

  • Articulate a position (think thesis statements!)
  • Communicate their insights freely
  • Experience reader responses from peers and an instructor (without grades!)
  • Use concrete examples and evidence in support
  • Write their thoughts without worry about mechanics
  • Developtheir writing voices

Never fear the rainy day—or starting back in September with rusty writing skills. 

This summer we have TWO movie discussion clubs ready for your kids.

All about Animation (July 8 – Aug 2)

Up Seventy-eight-year-old Carl Fredricksen travels to Paradise Falls in his home equipped with balloons, inadvertently taking a young stowaway.

Persepolis A precocious and outspoken Iranian girl grows up during the Islamic Revolution.

Fantastic Mr. Fox An urbane fox cannot resist returning to his farm raiding ways and then must help his community survive the farmers’ retaliation.

The Land before Time An orphaned brontosaurus teams up with other young dinosaurs in order to reunite with their families in a valley.

Marvelous Musicals (Aug 5 – Aug 30)

The Sound of Music A woman leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a Naval officer widower.

Les Misérables In 19th-century France, Jean Valjean, who for decades has been hunted by the ruthless policeman Javert after breaking parole, agrees to care for a factory worker’s daughter. The decision changes their lives forever.

West Side Story Two youngsters from rival New York City gangs fall in love, but can love flourish in the midst of intense friction between the warring Jets and Sharks?

Dreamgirls A trio of black female soul singers cross over to the pop charts in the early 1960s, facing their own personal struggles along the way.

Give your kids a chance to play this summer. Connect with a different audience, a new purpose, and a new conversation in our Movie Discussion Clubs

Brave Writer Movie Discussion Club

Registration is OPEN for Brave Writer Online Classes

Brave Writer Summer/Fall Writing Classes 

Registration is OPEN!

No long messages here! I know you’ve got mouse-clicking to do! Sign up now to secure your spot in the classes of your choice.

Learn more: All About Online Writing Classes

If you still have questions about which class is right for your child, we invite you to send an email to our Help Desk ( Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be glad to give you suggestions that are just right for your family!

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4 *NEW* Online Writing Classes

Brave Writer Online Classes

A new school year and four new online classes!

Thinking back on the last few months, when were your children the most engaged in learning? Be it a new card game, the latest shark video, or the recently built beaver dam in the backyard creek, your kids readily explore learning opportunities that tap into their passionsand curiosity about the world.

Passion and curiosity are also key components of the writing process. When children dive deep into their obsessions, the writing that emerges is compelling to read. These words represent a child’s vibrant inner mind life transcribed on the page. Who wouldn’t want to read that?

Your young authors want what all writers want: the chance to choose what to write about, to write on their terms. When children take the reins, they stop dragging their feet and complaining about writing. And their writing comes to life!

We’ve created four new online classes that will set your writers’ imaginations on fire!

[This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you click on those links to make purchases, Brave Writer receives compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you!]

Literary Analysis: Born a Crime

Teen comedy lovers who watch all the late-night show clips on YouTube will be excited to take this new class.

Trevor Noah is a point of curiosity. What’s the story behind this South African that reigns over The Daily Show? His incredible journey will captivate your teens as they read this hilarious and poignant autobiography.

Class discussion is sure to be riveting!

Book/Movie Duo

Which was better, the book or the movie?

Let’s talk about it!

Book/Movie Duo is a class like no other. Part literary discussion, part movie analysis, we will take your kids on an unforgettable journey as they explore favorite works of fiction. This class is designed primarily for ages 11-14, though older interested teens are welcome to join.

  • Sept 3 – Sept 27 The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) by Rick Riordan [BookMovie]
  • Nov 4 – Dec 3 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling [BookMovie

Penning the Past

Back by popular demand!

Have you ever been intrigued by an old newspaper clipping, family photograph, or advertisement? Do you love to dive deep into historical periods as part of your homeschool experience? Perhaps you’ve longed to put yourself in a moment in history, to take a good look around, sample the food, talk to the passersby, and listen to all the local stories.

We have just the class for you to take this passion to a new level! Join us for a historical fiction writing experience like no other.


Close your eyes and think of your favorite song. What do you love about it? Perhaps it is the way words are tied to melody, or the story that is told, or how that song makes you feel when you listen to it on repeat. The job of the songwriter is to bring their story, told through song, to life.

We recognize that teens have much to say and that songwriting is a wonderful outlet for a young writer’s biggest ideas and deepest longings.

Music and lyrics—the bread and butter of the budding songwriter—will be the entry point for a class that uses poetry to examine the importance of powerful association and vivid vocabulary in songwriting.

Brave Writer Online Classes

Boomerang Book Club: June 2019

Boomerang Book Club: To Kill a Mockingbird

We offer our Boomerang Book Club as a comfortable first step into the classics for wary teens.

[This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you click on those links to make purchases, Brave Writer receives compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you!]

Every student should read To Kill a Mockingbird!

Some books feel like a rite of passage.

I remember when I first read To Kill a Mockingbird. And when my kids read it!

Harper Lee’s classic continues to be a spark for countless conversations in schools, literary circles, and academia—still!

This controversial book has been both banned AND awarded the Pulitzer Prize. 

How’s THAT for impact on American culture? 

To Kill a Mockingbird is

  • Highly readable—iconic characters, a thrilling plot, and killer dialogue
  • Doesn’t skimp on substance—themes like integrity, relationships, and race
  • Timeless—a classic but also relevant to events today
  • A port of entry for story lovers—history, political science, and law
  • Present in our culture—this book is referenced in TV, movies, and other books

Our book clubs help teens learn to read books thoughtfully and then to put those thoughts into writing.

Remember—in Brave Writer, we move incrementally.

  • First, we expose kids to great literature.
  • Second, we talk about it.
  • Third, we write about it freely without structure.
  • Fourth, we learn to write about it with structure.

The Boomerang Book Club helps you with steps 1-3. Perfect way to go into summer!

I’ve seen it time and time again: this book turns students into fans of ‘assigned reading’!

See what students say about the book club:

This is definitely one of those books that I’ll read again in 20 years and probably love it even more. -Tiernan

The article you posted [in class]…opened my eyes to a perspective I hadn’t thought about while reading the book. -Sadie

I would definitely recommend this book discussion club to a friend! The questions asked in the discussion were very interesting and a little challenging, but the best part is that you are able to read different responses and maybe you would learn something (which I did!) -Jae

We’d love to be a part of this reading milestone with your kids!

The Boomerang Book Club for To Kill a Mockingbird opens June 1 and book discussion begins June 10. This is our last book club of the school year. Don’t miss it!

Boomerang Book Club