The Definitive High School Class Guide

Brave Writer High School Classes

What’s your teen’s attention span like? 

We know there are tons of apps, songs, videos, and texts competing for your teen’s attention. And that’s just on their phones! 

We’ve noticed this trend. That’s why we took our essay writing curriculum and broke it up into manageable chunks. 

We made our online class program more flexible for YOU, too!

Whether you’re using Brave Writer® as your plan, or addressing your teen’s writing needs as they come, there’s something that works for everyone!

  1. Want a long-term plan that’s got you covered?
  2. Like to do things your own way?
  3. Finding a gap in your teen’s skillset?

Below are the 3 main ways families use our program. Read on to find YOUR preferred style!

OPTION 1: Ducks in a Row 

Here’s the simple formula:two core classes per school year + one elective.


Essay Prep Series ← Start here if you have a tween or young teen who is just beginning!

Essay Writing 101: Analytic Essay
Essay Writing 102: Persuasive Essay

Essay Writing 201: Critical Response Essay
Essay Writing 202: Timed Essay

Essay Writing 301: Advanced Composition
Essay Writing 302: MLA Research Essay

High school for Option 1 can look like this:

In between classes, students will practice the skills they’ve learned in class, re-writing essays with new topics.

OPTION 2: Sooooo Chill

You’ve probably noticed: We tackle one essay type per essay writing class. It just makes sense! 

Here are some reasons why you might want to choose your classes à la carte.

  • Back up to review an essay style studied previously
  • Gain a completed, polished essay for the portfolio
  • Stretch out processing time between learning sessions
  • Choose classes that appeal most to your child

High school for Option 2 can look like this:

📚 A deep dive into 4 weeks of intense learning with our instructor

🏠 Time at home to practice new skills and re-do exercises with new topics

🧠 A brain break while they do some different types of writing for a little while

👉 Pick a new class and start again with a fresh mind and energy

🌀 Repeat!

OPTION 3: On a Need-to-Know Basis

Perhaps your charter school or co-op is covering much of the mechanics of essay writing, but do they cover…

  • A playful approach to academic writing? (EW 101)
  • Paraphrasing in detail? (EW 102)
  • Decoding essay questions? (EW 202)
  • Deciphering images in the news? (EW 201)
  • Avoiding accidental plagiarism ← that’s a biggie! (EW 102)
  • Situating an original text in its historical, social milieu? (EW 301)
  • How to navigate a specific style like MLA? (EW 302)

Our short, focused essay writing classes mean that you don’t need to ditch your homeschool co-op entirely or devote an entire year to boosting a single skillset. Easy peasy!

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