[Podcast #219] The 4th R: Relationship

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Today’s Brave Writer podcast episode is about what I call “The 4th R.” Most of us are familiar with the three R’s: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. But in order for those subjects to click with your kids, you need a 4th R: Relationship.

Everything in your home and homeschool flows from how well you connect with your kids. This episode is meant to turbocharge for putting the relationship you have with your children at the center of your homeschool.

Show Notes

The Essence of Bi-directional Relationships

Bi-directional relationships in homeschooling mean acknowledging that both the parent and child have a significant influence on the educational process. It’s about moving away from the one-sided, authoritarian style of teaching to a more collaborative and respectful dynamic. This approach allows for a richer and more nuanced understanding of each other’s needs and perspectives.

Transactional Relationships: A Balance of Needs

Transactional relationships focus on the give-and-take between parents and children. It’s about finding a balance, where both parties feel heard and their needs are met. This balance fosters a positive learning environment, where children feel valued and parents feel effective in their role.

Fostering Empathy and Understanding

A key element in this relational approach is empathy. By actively listening and empathizing with our children, we create a space where they feel safe to express their thoughts and ideas. This empathy leads to a deeper understanding of their motivations and challenges, enabling us to tailor the learning experience to suit their unique needs.

Avoiding Negative Cycles

In every relationship, there are potential pitfalls. It’s crucial to be aware of negative cycles that can arise from misunderstandings or unmet needs. By being mindful and proactive, we can prevent these cycles from taking root, ensuring a healthy and productive homeschooling environment.

Engaging with Children’s Interests

One effective strategy is engaging with our children’s interests, be it through incorporating their favorite subjects into the curriculum or participating in activities they enjoy. This not only makes learning more enjoyable for them but also strengthens our bond.

The journey of homeschooling is as much about education as it is about relationship building. By embracing bi-directional and transactional relationships, we create a nurturing and effective learning environment. It’s a journey we undertake together, growing and learning side by side with our children.


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