Semester of Classes: Winter/Spring ’24

Brave Writer Semester of Classes

Our semester plans are BACK for winter/spring 2024 online classes!

Semesters are available for enrollment between November 28th and December 1st, 2023 only. By general registration day (Dec 4th), this option will be gone.

Each semester plan is expertly mixed and matched to give you the perfect combination of

  • Solo, partnership, and family participation
  • Core and interest-based classes
  • Online classes built around individualized needs

No need to rack your brain trying to figure it out! Just pick and click!

We know…

Growth needs time

Skill building is incremental. It requires time and commitment to a single strategy. If you struggle to stay consistent with writing and language arts, this route was made with you in mind!

You and your kids crave connection

NEW! Every class in your semester plan is taught by the same instructor for a cohesive learning experience. Students will get to bond with fellow semester students across all classes. In our family classes, you’ll connect parent to parent!

Saving money matters

It pays to plan ahead! Semester subscribers receive a savings of $50 on their chosen plan. Choose our payment plan option (through Shop Pay) to stretch payments over a few months! Got a pack of littles? Elementary age plans are one price for the whole family. All your kids!

You want peace of mind

No scrambling on registration day. No guesswork. No stress to find dates that fit all the classes you want to take. No worries if you picked the right ones. Each semester plan takes care of that for you.

See How It Works

We’ve curated unique semester options for each age group.

  • Elementary students take 2 family-style classes with a generous break
  • Middle graders participate in 3 classes with varying levels of independence
  • Teens navigate 3 robust courses to prepare them for future writing

Visit our semester plan page. Choose the age level appropriate for your child. View your options!

Just starting homeschool with your littles?

Start with the Young Storytellers option. Kids this age are delighted by their favorite stories, so that’s where we start!

Struggling to help with writing at home?

Foundations for Writing is where you will learn the way Brave Writer approaches drafting, editing, and revising. You’ll have those tools for the rest of your homeschooling years.

Got teens who need experience with research methods and citations?

Research to Writing is designed with your college-bound students in mind.

Once you’ve decided on your semester plan, register between November 28 – December 1, 2023. Keep an eye on your inbox for next steps from us.

Most importantly: put your feet up and school happily ever after!

Let Brave Writer take care of you.

Semester Plans

Brave Writer Semester of Classes

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