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We want our kids to write—even if it’s messy, muddled, or misspelled for now.

No words on the page means no words to grow on. 

Brave Writer’s online class Write for Fun: Dream Big offers a frolic through a slew of entertaining, active writing processes that get your children’s creative juices flowing! Our primary objective is to support and empower each student.

This class is totally doable. 

  • Manageable workload, a little structure
  • Only 3-week commitment
  • Practice for middle graders having gentle deadlines
  • Friendly support from our writing coach

Support is NOT simply saying “Good job!”

Here are some instructor comments directly from the Write for Fun classroom.

We point out what they’re doing well:

“Hip hip hooray for dogs! You have also structured this paragraph rather expertly. By letting me know how many reasons you are going to list, I know just what to expect!”

We invite more details:

“I am curious to find out what you decide to go for. Will this be a rhyme of gardening advice, where a master gardener is being asked for some top tips? Or perhaps the whimsical answer of a sassy gardener whose aim is to mislead!? I will have to be patient to find out!”

We respond to content:

“Oh, no! You describe a roller coaster of emotion, Scott! You’re super excited about your cubes. You invest in them, anticipating the fun you’ll have, only to have your hopes dashed!”

We model good writing: 

“Surprises, twists, and turns add spice to a story and keep your reader on their toes and engaged!”  

We encourage:

“You’re definitely onto something! Understanding, or at least trying to understand, why someone is behaving in the way that they are is an excellent step toward finding solutions that work for all involved!”

So if your child balks at the mere mention of writing, no amount of spelling or handwriting practice can fix that. Mechanics don’t build confidence the same way support and trust do.

That’s why Brave Writer devotes several of our online classes to lifting children UP while improving their writing skills.

Brave Writer

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