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Raising Critical Thinkers Book Club Kit

Raising Critical Thinkers Book Club Kit

I visited my first Raising Critical Thinkers book club! The energy was electric and the insights were meaningful and profound.

I’m blown away by the number of you who are hosting and participating in book clubs!

Check out the book club guide created just for you for free for that purpose.

Our Brave Writer elves have been hard at work creating a Book Club Party Kit just for grownups!

We know how much you like partying with your kids after they read books with you. It seemed fitting that the adults in the room get to enjoy reading and celebrating too!

Turn your book conversation into a party!

Each book club kit includes:

  • 4 “I Am Raising Critical Thinkers” Mugs
  • 4 Flag Banners of two types
  • 4 Posters of two types
  • 12 Pencils with RCT quotes on them
  • 4 Wooden Bookmarks of two types
  • 4 Kaleidoscopes of two types

Your kit will be shipped to your door in a sturdy cardboard box with a message from me on the inside lid.

If you’ve got more than four members, purchase additional kits.

Quantities limited (fewer than 23 kits available). Hurry, while we still have them.

Offer good only in US. Shipping additional.

Only $99.00 (retail: $159.00). If you’ve got four friends, that’s just 25 bucks a piece!

Happy thinking!

Book Club Party Kit

When you use your book club kit, be sure to tag me on social media!

Twitter/Facebook: @bravewriter

Instagram: @juliebravewriter

Raising Critical Thinkers

Now Available: Raising Critical Thinkers!

Raising Critical Thinkers

It’s my book’s birthday!

Come celebrate with me!

When you write a book, you write alone. You research alone. You edit and wait alone.

Then FINALLY the day comes when you get to hang out with all the people who filled your imagination while writing.

Friends, that day is here!! And those people are YOU. You are my people!

Thank you for all the ways you have already celebrated the book launch.

You can grab a copy of the book (if you haven’t yet) now!

It comes in Hardback, Kindle, and Audiobook formats (I’m the narrator).

Come hang out with me on Instagram where the party continues!

And when you finish, please leave a review on Amazon or any book site of your choice.

Free Webinar

Today we’re celebrating publication day with a free Zoom webinar. All welcome!

What Our Friends Are Saying

It’s one thing to have people review your book who are luminaries in the field of thinking and education. And truly—each review has been humbling and inspiring to me.

But then, the reviews start to come from YOU—the friends for whom I wrote this book. And I do think of you that way—as my companions on this journey of parenting, educating and becoming decent human beings.

Here’s what one of the members of our homeschool community wrote about reading my new book:

When an author accomplishes the increasingly difficult task to make you feel, re-examine, make you take self inventory of your approach …on everything. That my friends, is worth mentioning. In Julie Bogart’s newest upcoming release, Raising Critical Thinkers, she provides you with a toolbox of knowledge, perception, activities for the family, and a resource that will be picked up again and again.

When you are able to make a seemingly dull academic subject inspire your ability to digest, teach, and grow…that my friends is what I call, brilliance.

(Arlene, from Arlene and Company)

Gulp. That was just what I hoped it would feel like!

Another one:

I love how Julie is able to expertly blend the deep research she has done with personal experiences, and deliver it all in a way that is informative, while also making you feel like you are conversing with a friend. A must read for everyone!

(Erin Donnelly)

Conversing with a friend….yes!

And finally this gem:

Since reading the book, I’ve found myself seriously considering the sources of the perspectives of people I interact with. I really like that! It helps me be more reflective and slower to react to others.

(Lauren Krause)

What a lovely outcome!

Invite Me to Your Book Club

I would love you to join the community of thinkers we’re building—to change the online dynamic, to bring insight and clarity to our conversations. In short, let’s think BETTER and build a better world.

  • Download our FREE Book Club Companion Guide from the website.
  • Host a group of six or more to discuss Raising Critical Thinkers.
  • Invite me to come speak to your group (we’ll do virtual visits via Zoom).

Apply here: Invite Julie to Visit My Book Club

And don’t miss a chance to win six books (SIGNED copies) on Julie’s Instagram account!

Thanks for making the launch of my new book so much fun!

You are the best. ❤️

Raising Critical Thinkers

Raising Critical Thinkers FREE Webinar

Raising Critical Thinkers

I miss you! No conferences, no travel. Blerg!

This year, due to the constraints of, well, every single thing, I decided it would be wonderful and cool to celebrate the publication date of RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS with EVERYONE via Zoom.

I’m excited to read to you, to talk about the contents of the book, to share some big news about how I am celebrating the book with you, and more.

DATE: Tuesday, February 1, 2022
TIME: 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (+5 GMT)
PLACE: Zoom webinar

The first 500 people can attend live when you register here (a replay will be available).

Last time I held a book launch, there was a legit snow storm which meant everyone was late and stressed and cold. This time, you can be in the comfort of your own home, with slippers and hot tea and the glow of a lamp. 

New York Times Best-selling author, Adam Grant, wrote a wonderful review: “This is the guide parents need to become thoughtful consumers of information.” 

Feel free to pass the registration link along to your friends too!

(I do have an in-person event the following week, so keep reading if you’re local to Cincinnati.)



Cincinnati, Ohio

For those of you who live local to me, I’m doing a LIVE in-person reading the following week!

You can read more details here.

I’ll be signing your books for you, too.

DATE: Monday, February 7, 2022
TIME: 7:00 PM Eastern
PLACE: Jospeh-Beth Booksellers, Rookwood*
2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208

All are welcome, including your kids!

*If you haven’t purchased a book yet, we do ask that you buy one at the book store to support this event. Not required, but a nice courtesy!


Excited for you to be a part of the growing number of parents who are putting quality thinkers out into the world. We need them!

Learn more about the book here (includes pre-order links): RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS

Raising Critical Thinkers

Raising Critical Thinkers!

Raising Critical Thinkers

I’m delighted to introduce you to my newest book:

RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS: A Parent’s Guide to Growing Wise Kids in the Digital Age

It feels like a moment whose time has come.

I talk with parents every day. They are worried.

  • What kind of world will their children inherit?
  • How can they help their kids differentiate between facts and misinformation, particularly online?
  • Which interpretations of historical events and documents can be trusted?
  • How do we know which ideas are dangerous and which are worthy of deeper investigation?

Our culture (and our families) are polarized.

We want to raise curious kids who are also discerning.

I got busy researching the best ideas and practices available today to help your kids deal with the onslaught of unfiltered information that comes at them all day every day.

Those high quality ideas (and thought leaders) and practical activities are in my book!

Can’t wait to get it in your hands!

Early Praise for Raising Critical Thinkers

There is no one I know whose wise counsel I would trust more than Julie Bogart when it comes to teaching our children (and ourselves!) how to think. Critical thinking has never been more important, and Julie arrived just when we needed her. This book is a must for anyone who wants to raise children to be thoughtful, kind, and independent.  Sharon McMahon, of Sharon Says So

Raising Critical Thinkers is a must-read for parents and teachers. It speaks to the deep need for raising and educating children (both at home and in the classroom) to do much more than accept, memorize, and restate. Julie masterfully provides the tools to guide children in growing the ability to think – while also challenging readers to reflect on their own critical thinking skills in the process. It is a gold mine of learning for all.  —Susie Allison, of Busy Toddler

You can pre-order now!

It’s a big day around here. 

Today, Monday, October 25, 2021, RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS, is now open for pre-ordering!


Pre-sales help the publisher know how big to make the first print run.
With supply chain issues in mind, it helps the publisher A LOT if you pre-order to ensure enough copies are printed ahead of the publication date: February 1, 2022.

You can pre-order by visiting the book website:

When you pre-order, you have the chance for three cool bonuses.

Bonus #1:

If you pre-order by November 15, you will be invited to an exclusive webinar on Thursday November 18 with me called: “Surviving the Holidays with Your Family.”

  • Have you ever felt stifled or judged by members of your family?
  • Are you annoyed at the way relatives “pop quiz” your kids to make sure they are “learning the right things”?
  • Do you wonder how to help your kids respond to intrusive comments?
  • Would you like to understand better how to facilitate a brisk exchange of ideas that doesn’t tank into bitterness?

Join me for this webinar! It will be a little foretaste of my new book.

Bonuses #2 and #3:

The next two pre-order bonuses will come out on February 1st, the book publication date!

  1. An annotated bibliography of the books Julie used to write Raising Critical Thinkers (will include her handwritten notes and thoughts about each one).
  2. An exclusive recording of Julie and a special guest (to be announced) for pre-sales only. The topic: “The Tricky Part: Writing about Critical Thinking and Paying Attention to Your Own Biases at the Same Time.”

These are exclusive to those who purchase the book during the pre-order period (10/25/21-02/ 01/22).


If you’re the kind of person who loves to be on the inside track of the newest going concern, I invite you to join the book launch team.

It’s a month-long party in a private Facebook Group hosted by our team member, Natalie, led by me. 

The Book Launch Team will have access to:

  • social media graphics,
  • a chance to read the book early,
  • weekly Facebook lives with me,
  • giveaways!

The goal is to support getting the word out about the book and to provide the reviews on Amazon and Good Reads that it needs to make itself known out in the world!

To sign up, go here:

We had a total blast launching my last book. I can’t wait to get in there with you again. The party starts January 1. You can join any time between now and then.

You can also pop by Instagram and see the cover on the grid and in my stories for the incredible array of blurbs from noteworthy authors. 

Truly humbling.

Want to learn more?

Listen to the Podcast!

Raising Critical Thinkers

Podcast: Raising Critical Thinkers

Brave Writer Podcast

This is a pinch-me moment!

It took decades of researching, writing, and editing to be standing on the precipice of my book launch. RAISING CRITICAL THINKERS is now officially available to pre-order!

I am thrilled to unleash this project into the world and stimulate a conversation on how we read and discern information – a theme on top of everyone’s minds – and social media feeds. 

Tune in to the Brave Writer Podcast as I share why Raising Critical Thinkers will nourish future generations of worldly, passionate, and thoughtful learners. Plus: the key dates to put in your calendar to take this community and conversation further. 

Listen to the Podcast

Show Notes

The Era of Information Overload.

Discerning fact and fiction from information sources has become an exhausting, emotionally charged task for adults navigating an overstimulated world. For parents, there is an additional concern for their children, with a world of perspectives and voices in their hands (often unsupervised), and no concrete guidance on evaluating sources with a critical mind. In my book, I want to facilitate healthy conversations that encourage children to independently strengthen their moral and ethical compass to grow into educated adults who have solid foundations to interact with the world, both on and off-screen. 

Interpreting History 

Nowadays, history is different from what I read and studied in college. Most of what I’ve encountered while homeschooling my children have been books with thinly veiled perspectives. As a collective, we’ve shifted away from understanding history to mastering content (dates, times, people, places, and chronology) filtered through the writer’s lens to then regurgitate to our children. As I have sharpened my educational mindset, I could see why thinking is the fundamental pillar in education, and it’s our job as parents to endow children with the tools and insight to deconstruct, debate and question the validity of perspectives.

Help Promote Raising Critical Thinkers

  • Visit where you can pre-order your copy from your favorite retailer. Pre-ordering now ensures enough copies will be available in the first print and negate the pandemic’s supply-chain issues. 
  • Pre-ordering the book allows me to share these ideas with a broader audience via podcasts and TV shows. 
  • If you participate in pre-sales, you’ll gain access to exclusive bonus content.
  • Join the launch team on where I’ll be doing giveaways, going live, discussing ideas that didn’t make the book and connecting with you all virtually to celebrate. 
  • Note February 1st, 2022, on your calendars! I’ll be hosting a live reading on Instagram and Facebook and talking to you all about the book. 


Connect with Julie

Raising Critical Thinkers