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S2E2: Unexpected Homeschoolers – with The Homeschool Sisters

Brave Writer Podcast - The Homeschool Sisters

Woo hoo! The new season of “A Brave Writer’s Life in Brief” podcast is underway!

We’re blown away by how many of you have subscribed, downloaded the podcasts, and are leaving reviews on iTunes. Thank you so much! It helps us get the word out.

These podcasts are interviews with Brave Writer Moms who are living the Brave Writer Lifestyle with their families. They’ve got a slew of creative ideas to share with you to help transform your homeschool.

Today’s guests are The Homeschool Sisters, Kara and Caitlin! They are fabulous! Kara and Caitlin have their own popular podcast and they interviewed me about Awesome Adulting in Episode 10. You’ll love listening to that conversation too!

Tune in to the Brave Writer podcast on iTunes, Stitcher (or your app of choice), and here on the Brave Writer blog. Great having you along!

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You can also download the show notes from podcast.

Brave Writer Podcast Show Notes
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Contest on Instagram!

Do you follow my Instagram account? I hope so! It’s where I spend the most time playing on social media. Today, Monday February 20th, I’m giving away two sets of headphones (one to you, and one for a friend) to better enjoy these podcasts. These “audio-technica” headphones are the same ones I use when I run. They have little removable ear loops to keep them in place when you’re washing dishes or indoor rock climbing, the sound is awesome, and there’s a volume button on the cord for your convenience.

Both sets of headphones are hot pink (to cheer you up in February)! Pictured below.

Here’s how to play

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That’s it! I hope you win!

Brave Writer Podcast Headphones Giveaway

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S2E1: A Brave, Hip Homeschooler – with Rebecca Spooner

Brave Writer Lifestyle Podcasts

It’s baaaaaack! My podcast that lurched along at my whim, not on any schedule, has returned—with a schedule and a podcast engineer!

I’m excited about Season 2 especially, because I’ve turned to real experts in the homeschool adventure—not celebrities, not curriculum providers. These podcasts are interviews with Brave Writer Moms who are living the Brave Writer Lifestyle with their kids, each in their unique way.

I can’t wait for you to meet these moms—they are in the trenches amid piles of laundry just like you. They offer a slew of tested tricks and practices to increase the magic in your homeschool.

If you’re new to Brave Writer (Welcome by the way!! I’m so glad you’re here!), you can learn about the Brave Writer Lifestyle on our website now!

Then tune in to the podcast. Subscribe to Brave Writer podcasts on iTunes or check them out here on the Brave Writer blog.

The first Brave Writer Lifestyle podcast is with Rebecca Spooner of Hip Homeschooling!

Rebecca Spooner, Hip Homeschooling

Rebecca writes about homeschooling on her blog Hip Homeschooling, and she helps others with planning their lives and launching their own blogs at She has five kids between the ages of three and nine, all of whom are homeschooled.

Listen to the podcast!


Also, you can download the show notes from the Brave Writer’s Life in Brief podcast. The notes include:

  • Podcast Highlights
  • Memorable quotes
  • Helpful Resources

Brave Writer Lifestyle Podcast Show NotesDownload Show Notes

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Podcast: Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen Interview and Giveaway
Today we welcome one of the most prolific writers of children’s fantasy and poetry, Jane Yolen!

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When I began my freelance writing career, I chose the picture book genre. After all, my kids were small and I read dozens of them aloud per week. It didn’t take long to discover the writing of Jane Yolen. Jane’s books embody the best of the picture book genre. She uses language artfully, poetically. She gives the reader an immersive experience any time you come into contact with her words. She’s also in tune with a child’s sense of humor and wonder.

I also found a bird-watching companion in Jane! Her husband brought to their family a naturalist’s passion for the natural world. Jane took that passion and translated it into wonderful prose and poetry.

When Jane agreed to be interviewed for our humble podcast, I felt like a fan girl at a rock concert. It has been 20 years of admiration on my part that led to this wonderful conversation. Heidi Semple, Jane’s adult daughter, joins us as well. She and Jane have co-authored several books that feature birds, in fact!

Enjoy this rich exploration of poetry, writing, nature, and the celebration of family culture! I introduce to you: Jane Yolen.

Show notes are available as a free download! Sign up for them HERE.

Show Notes for Jane Yolen Podcast


Check out Jane’s written interview on the Poetry Teatime blog.

PLUS we have a FUN GIVEAWAY featuring Jane Yolen’s brand new book, Grumbles from the Forest, and two others! We also discovered one last Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz tea cozy and are including that too.


Stacie Canales!

Congrats, Stacie! You will receive:

Grumbles from the Town
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…plus the LAST Poetry Teatime Tea Cozy called the Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz (sold out pattern).

BONUS Surprise: Two bookmarks from Jane!


Jane Yolen Book Giveaway

With The Homeschool Sisters this Week

Brave Writer with The Homeschool Sisters

Fun week with The Homeschool Sisters! Cait and Kara:

Meet Kara and Caitlin, The Homeschool Sisters!

The Homeschool Sisters Kara

The Homeschool Sisters Cait

These two spunky, creative homeschooling moms have teamed up to provide companionship on the journey of home education. I would have obsessed over their podcast had it been around when I was homeschooling.

This week, I’m on their show! We had a great time talking about the following topics:

  • What it means to raise awesome adults
  • How to be one yourself
  • Reframing how we understand video gaming
  • The one best piece of advice I would give young homeschoolers
  • And each of us shared one current joy in our lives

Join us for a great conversation!

Podcast: Janet Wong & Sylvia Vardell

Podcast with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell

Today we’d like to welcome two amazing women who are on the cutting edge of children’s poetry.

Janet Wong is a prolific writer of poetry and short stories for young people. Her work has received wide recognition from shows like Oprah Winfrey to awards such as the Asian Pacific American Award for Literature. She is the first generation daughter of Korean and Chinese immigrant parents, and many of her works deal with multicultural experiences.

Dr. Sylvia Vardell is professor of children’s literature at Texas Woman’s University and is the author or contributor of over 24 books. She received the 2014 Scholastic Library Publishing Award for her work in the field of children’s literature. She blogs regularly at Poetry for Children.

Together, these two authors have collaborated on the Poetry Friday Anthology series, a collection of poems by some of the best children’s poets from around the world. Even better, each poem comes with lesson plans and classroom resources for teaching these poems. Whether in a traditional classroom or at home, these books offer a wonderful means of widening your family’s consumption of poetry.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting these two powerful women! We all agreed that too often poetry is perceived as boring or difficult. Yet those who love poetry say otherwise. Janet and Sylvia make poetry so accessible and delightful through their work, I found myself wanting to run right to my poetry anthologies after our conversation to spend time again with my poet friends.

Enjoy our conversation and do yourself a favor: take the plunge into exploring and experiencing poetry for yourself and with your children.


Here is the link to Sylvia Vardell’s blog Poetry for Children and Janet Wong’s website. Be sure to check out their books below or at your local library!

By Janet Wong

A Suitcase of Seaweed: And Other Poems. Celebrates diversity. Winner of the Claremont Stone Center Recognition of Merit Award.
The Trip Back Home
Night Garden: Poems from the World of Dreams. NY Times Best Illustrated Books of 2000.
The Rainbow Hand
Knock on Wood: Poems about Superstitions
Twist: Yoga Poems
Behind the Wheel: Poems about Driving

By Sylvia Vardell

Poetry Aloud Here!

Poetry Friday Anthologies

You Just Wait: A Poetry Friday Power Book for Tweens & Teens (Soon to be available!)
The Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations
The Poetry Friday Anthology
The Poetry Friday Anthology for Middle School
The Poetry Friday Anthology for Science for Kids

Check out Janet and Sylvia’s written interview
on the Poetry Teatime blog!

Interview with Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell