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Brave Writer Seminar for Parents!


Saturday September 13, 2014
St. Bernard Church –Spring Grove Village
Cincinnati, OH

Are you drawn to the natural, lifestyle-oriented vision of language arts, writing, and literature, but aren’t sure how to make it work in your family? Do you have reluctant writers or children with special needs or even advanced writers who seem beyond your skill set to help? This seminar will show you how to create a rich homeschool environment that will honor your values, promote learning, and expand your happiness—yours and your children’s!

Topics covered:

  • natural writing development
  • language rich environment
  • nature and art study
  • “party school”
  • freewriting
  • copywork and dictation
  • partnership writing
  • poetry teatime practice

Join us!


For more info EMAIL Terrie at:

Day-long Brave Writer Writing Workshop!


NEW! Day-long Writing Workshop – July 10, 2014

Golden Colorado (near Denver)

Registration fee: $49.95 per person (one spouse or live-in partner may attend with you for free)

Schedule: Saturday, 9:00 – 4:00 (Lunch one hour from 12:00 – 1:00)

You will supply your own lunch, but we will supply water and snacks for the breaks. If you want to start next year right, and live around or near Denver, please join us!

This workshop will go through the nuts and bolts of writing from pre-writing to freewriting to revision and the role of a rich language arts lifestyle. We’ll cover all ages, but especially 5-14 years of age. We will not cover academic high school writing. More info here.

Sign up today!

Teatime at the Brave Writer Retreat!


For those attending our June Retreat, we have a lovely teatime planned by a friend who has turned her home into a tea house. She is bringing her linens, tea things, and handmade scones to share with us. She also happens to be a mom who homeschooled her kids. We’re going to have a great time!

Haven’t registered yet for the retreat? The host venue is sold out but there are still commuter spots open. Sign up today!

Brave Writer Retreat now open to commuters! Plus Spring Class Schedule is up!

Retreat Center

The Nurturing Brave Writers Retreat


However, you can still come!

We have 30 spaces available for commuters. OFFER HAS EXPIRED

You can drive from home, stay with a friend, or get a room at one of our local hotels (less than 2 miles from the retreat center). We’ll send you hotel information to make it easy for you. All your meals will be with us (all six) so no need to budget extra for food. You’ll just sleep somewhere else.

The commuter registration fee is only $199.00!

This is the ONE AND ONLY Brave Writer retreat. There are no others planned for other cities or for next year. Trust yourself. If you have the urge to be a part of our retreat, don’t put it off. This is the year to come. This is the city. I’ve wanted to host you in my town for a long time. There’s so much to do in Cincinnati too, so if you choose to stay longer, we’ll give you places to visit as well.

It’s going to be great. Register today!

June 27-29, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio

# # #

The Spring Class Schedule is up!

Registration will open on Monday, March 3, 2014 at noon EST.

Winter Online classes are underway and still enrolling. Try us! You’ll have the support you desire, the structure you crave, and the chance for a fresh start.

Nurturing Brave Writer Families Retreat 2014!

Retreat Center

Join me for our first-ever weekend retreat, here in Cincinnati!

  • Have you wished that you could make your fantasy homeschool a practical reality?
  • Are you wondering how to become a Brave Writer family—-one that naturally fosters a language-rich environment, while accomplishing your academic writing goals at the same time?
  • Do you need a break? A chance to regroup and talk to other homeschooling parents, to think clearly about the past year and prepare for the coming one?
  • Maybe you’d rather prepare to be the home educator you want to be in an intimate setting, nourished by food, friendship, and trees, rather than merely one curriculum shopper in a sea of ten thousand.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to skip the huge impersonal convention this year and instead, do one thing at a time, thinking about each child, using the tools and materials you’ve already bought?
  • How good would you feel going home with a plan that is reasonable and enticing? It’s possible to organize your days into a calm, yet stimulating routine that your kids enjoy.

The Nurturing Brave Writer Families Retreat is not like any other homeschooling conference or convention. I designed it to be what I wished had existed when I homeschooled my kids. What I needed was a time away—away from more decisions about curriculum, away from my kids, away from my home, away from competing philosophies of education. I wanted to be in a space where I was given practice with the tools I would then use with my kids. I wanted to test the methods, and discover how they worked. I wanted guidance from people who were good at the various practices to show me their tricks and tips to make home education the amazing, satisfying journey I knew it could be!

This retreat is all of that.

  • We’ll test and try the techniques Brave Writer teaches in The Writer’s Jungle together, so you know how to do them.
  • You’ll get to experience copywork and dictation in the same way your students experience it, and learn how to maximize it.
  • We’ll practice nature journaling and art study.
  • We’ll share a full tea with china teacups, handmade scones, flowers, and poetry (and I promise you’ll enjoy the poems—they won’t be intimidating).
  • You’ll have down time to use a planning tool to craft a homeschool routine for the coming year.
  • You’ll have time to take walks or go for a hike or run. You can get coffee with a friend or take a nap.
  • My staff and I will be available to talk to you about your specific worries and children, too.
  • And because I know how hard you work, we have a few pampering surprise gifts in store for all who attend.

This retreat weekend is a sound investment. I remember attending a Charlotte Mason workshop midway through my homeschooling career. I loved it! We focused on all the aspects of being home educators rather than endless shopping for new books. That was a big turning point for me. I grew as a home educator. That is my wish for you—that you will grow in your skills and resolve, resources and vision. Let me help you.

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Also, you should know: I like small-ish groups. The Center only has space for 40. Sign up early to secure your space and to save money.

  • Dates: Friday June 27, 2014 (4:00 pm) – Sunday June 29, 2014 (1:00 p.m.)
  • Food: Six meals and snacks included
  • Environs: Walking paths, benches and gazebo, chapel, and a delightful town square walking distance from the Center.

Registration is limited to 40 retreatants, (34 in individual rooms, and 3 double rooms holding 6 people).

BONUS! Each registration comes with a $50.00 coupon (issued at the retreat weekend), good for any Brave Writer product.

Four price points:

  • Single Room, Earliest Bird (by 2/28/14): $299.00
  • Single Room, Early Bird (by 4/30/14): $329.00
  • Single Room, Regular Price: $349.00
  • Double room: $499.00 (1 price, 1 coupon; 2 people)


The retreat is non-sectarian, though there is a chapel for those who enjoy them. Nursing babies are welcome.

Commuter Spaces Still Open: Sign up here!

Cancellation Policy: A “no questions asked” full refund is available up to a week after you register. After that, all refunds will be 50% until June.

No refunds after June 1, 2014.

Registration is now open!

Sign up here!

Visit the location website here: The lovely Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Glendale Ohio (near Cincinnati—CVG airport).

Psst: we’ll do a full tea with scones and poetry and everything. For examples of sessions we’ll do at this retreat, read the following “Nurturing Brave Writers Workshop” outline. The Retreat will have additional experiences available. We’ll send you a schedule of activities and lectures closer to the weekend itself.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Cindy at

For a description of the workshop read more…