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Raising Critical Thinkers: Julie ON-AIR

Raising Critical Thinkers Interviews

Raising Critical Thinkers is circling the globe via podcast and news article! If you’re interested in hearing a wide array of thoughts that I’ve shared about the contents of my new book, check out some of these delightful interviews.

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Also, thrilled to have Raising Critical Thinkers recommended by Adam Grant: The 12 New Idea Books to Brighten Your Winter.

Thank you to each interviewer and every listener for supporting Raising Critical Thinkers.

You’ve made the launch of my book an amazing experience!

Raising Critical Thinkers

Homebound Interviews: Homeschooling Support during Confinement

We Can Do It

Rosie the Riveter was an American icon of female strength and our symbol in Brave Writer of what it means to use that strength for good.

I found the lunchbox in the photo above last Christmas in a shop in Columbus OH. What struck me as much as J Howard Miller’s illustration of her were the words at the top: “We can do it!”

We can! In this moment, we’re pulling together to do this remarkable thing—making the choice to social distance in order to protect one another.

To help provide support during this out-of-the-ordinary time I’ve been sharing how to homeschool during the pandemic in the following places:

Remember: We CAN do it! Together.

Brave Writer Podcast