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Friday Freewrite: Dessert

Friday Freewrite

What a humdinger of a dessert! Imagine it was your job to write a description of the pictured treat for a restaurant’s menu (and they weren’t including a photo). What would you say to entice people to order it?

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Friday Freewrite: Trophy

Friday Freewrite

You receive a trophy for being YOU. Write your acceptance speech.

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Friday Freewrite: Which Room?

Friday Freewrite

If you had to live in one of the rooms pictured (clean but with only one or two things to do or messy but with lots of stuff to choose from) which would you pick? Explain your answer.

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Friday Freewrite: Disgruntled toy

Friday Freewrite

Imagine one of your toys (or maybe a character you’ve created for a video game) is disgruntled with you for how you’ve used them in play. Now write a grumpy letter from that toy or character to you.

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Friday Freewrite: Hair

Pippi Longstocking hair quote for Friday Freewrite

For kids:
Go in the bathroom and mess up your hair. Girls with longer locks can twist it, spray it, curl it, clip it, put it in pony tails, tease it, smooth it, push it so it hangs in their faces.

Play with your hair while looking in the mirror and then WRITE.

Boys can look at pictures of their hair over the last few years. Look at the style differences. If your moms are daring, buy a bottle of hair color spray and do something different to your hair (stripes? dots? a big happy face on the top of your head?).

WRITE. (Feel free to write about how stupid this topic is too, if you need to first. You can then write about a first haircut or the time your hair stuck up at camp after sleeping on it funny, or the time you decided to cut off one long lock in the front….)

For Moms:
Remember a favorite hairstyle (or the worst haircut ever) and write about one specific incident related to that haircut.

Example: I used to get up at 5:30 a.m. every morning of my junior year of high school to curl my hair into Farrah Fawcett feathers. Instead, they looked more like tunnels of curls up against my head (not the endless fluffiness Farrah was famous for). So I might write about that… or about the time Super Cuts botched my hair right before I left for France to meet all new French boys! Oh the horror. Fortunately, once landed in that country, I discovered that hair was a pretty low priority with the French since most of them only washed it, oh, once a week, if we were lucky!

Flip through old photo albums if you need help. Pick a key memory (not just general impressions) and explore it fully.


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