A Little More Inspiration

A Little More Inspiration

Hi Julie,

I want to sincerely thank you. When I decided to home school my children a year and a half ago I had a vision in my mind of what I wanted “my school” to be like. I pictured three beautiful, happy children eager to learn anything and everything. I saw them frolicking about in nature and devouring everything beautiful. What actually happened was anything but…

Like most new homeschoolers, my heart was in the right place when I zealously purchased everything I came across – science, math, and history curricula, language arts books for grammar, reading, spelling. I snatched up anything that anyone suggested was educational. With all of these tools, I filled our days with various subjects and stuffed binders full with my daughter’s work. (I have two smaller ones, a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old son who are just along for the ride at this point). A fellow homeschooler lent me The Writer’s Jungle and told me about your program. I read through TWJ and was inspired, but honestly, I fell back into the “must have a curriculum” mindset for a while. We added Poetry Tea Times,The Communication Game, and Keen Observation to our routine. We were already spending time in nature and enjoying regular trips to The Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC, so I felt like we incorporating enough of the lifestyle.

Fast-forward a year and I decided that I needed a little more inspiration. My kids were learning a ton but I felt like we were missing something. I wasn’t exactly sure WHAT we were missing, so I re-read TWJ. What inspired me the most this second time around was your recommendation to slow down with younger children and simply fill their lives with beautiful things. The Big River. It resonated so strongly within me. How can you expect kids to write unless they have something to write about? That goes for all subjects. You have inspired me to allow my babies to experience more life, more beauty. There is plenty of that in the world – in experiences, in delicious literature, in nature, in music, art, and poetry. I don’t feel the need to “test” my daughter with worksheets and paperwork anymore. A Big Juicy Conversation, a narration, or a drawing is more than enough.

A little more inspiration

You have also inspired me to better myself, for my own sake and for the sake of being a living example to my children. I have been taking mandolin lessons alongside my piano-and-voice-studying daughter. We have been reading some of the most delicious, beautiful literature and poetry. Additionally, our family has decided to take yearly “World School” trips around the globe. Our first trip is a month in Ireland next March. I am so grateful that we are able to expose our children to the diversity and beauty of the world.

So, I don’t have any stories (yet) of a reluctant writer turned prolific, but I do have a precious little girl and her two curious younger brothers who are blossoming in a lifestyle that you inspired! Thank you!


Images © Christina (used with permission)

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