What’s Coming this Summer to Brave Writer

Coming this summer
Image by Allison (an entry in our Where Brave Writers Write Giveaway!)

Some fun news! Take notes, share with friends.

1. I’m speaking at the Well Trained Mind Online Conference in July. You can still register!

2. Our DVDs from last year’s Brave Writer Retreat will be available this summer! Get ready for a big dose of Julie in huge earrings, a showing bra strap, and hands that won’t stop gesticulating! (Otherwise, the production quality is outstanding!)

3. The summer class schedule includes a BRAND NEW literature discussion class for adults to teach you how to interact with your kids around literature. It is featuring my favorite book of all time: A Room with a View.

4. The long-awaited Pouch of Boomerangs (designed for kids in 7th-8th grades) will be available for purchase by August. Here’s the book list:

The Master Puppeteer
The Sword in the Stone
A Wrinkle in Time
The View from Saturday
Number the Stars
The Endless Steppe
The Cay
Walk Two Moons
Shakespeare Scribe

5. We’re offering a BRAND NEW short story writing fiction class for 7th-12th grades in the fall. All your passionate fiction writers will get to work on a story they write and it will have a beginning, middle, AND END! If you’ve got kids who are determined to write the Great American Novel, this is the class to start them down that path.

6. The Homeschool Alliance will focus on planning your coming school year in June and July. I’ll post more details then, but if you want to use the summer to read the year’s worth of material, and get a jump on how you plan your school year, sign up now.

7. For your passionate middler writers, we are offering a BRAND NEW writing class that will feature The Greek Myths! This class will read several myths and then lead kids to write their own! No parental involvement needed; designed for that 10-13 year old set that loves to be independent.

8. Lastly, we are creating an ARROW BOOK CLUB (ABC) for 10-13 year olds. We’ll pick the Arrow titles to feature (it won’t be every month). Same model as the Boomerang Book Club but for younger kids. More details on that in June or July.

So that’s it! Hope there’s something here for you that you would enjoy!


5 Responses to “What’s Coming this Summer to Brave Writer”

  1. Kortney says:

    Any idea how much the DVDs from the retreat will cost? The previews look amazing!

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    We haven’t set the prices yet, but we’ll have two options: rental through streaming and purchase so there will be inexpensive ways to access them. 🙂


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  4. Kortney says:

    Thanks, Julie! Rental option? Genius!

    One more question…If I am planning to watch the retreat DVDs, which of your 2 WTM seminars should I register for?

  5. Julie Bogart says:

    There are two new sessions: The Updating Charlotte Mason in the Fantasy Homeschool and The High School session in the Writing series are the new ones. The other four are drawn from talks I’ve already given. I’ve shortened them for the WTM format so they aren’t as complete as what I did at the retreat.

    I hope that helps!