Playing with Poetry: Student Poems

Playing with Poetry Student Poems

Enjoy these fabulous student poems written for our Playing with Poetry online class
taught by the lovely Susanne Barrett!

Sweet Dreams

Shape Poem by Hunter (age 10)


the sun goes to sleep,

and there seems to be no light

But in that small second this dim light

like a lamp in the living room. This moon

is shining the night with a glow with white

or yellow, I am not sure why, and who knows,

maybe that night you look up and you watch the night full of stars

the satellites moving above the earth

and maybe if you are lucky,

then you could find a shooting star

and make a wish

and sit near the fireplace

have a happy conversation

under this moon calms you down

after your busy day

and you fall asleep

with a smile on your face.

Pink Peaches

Haiku by Mark (14)

The fat pink peaches
grow heavily ripe on trees,
bending branches low.

Sense of Clarity

Tanka poem by Emma (15)

Breaking through the grey

glass of queries and blindness.

Reaching for the end

of a tunnel’s dark, mad eyes,

where a river flows still sane.


Fragmented poem by Sara (18)

The wild blistering wind.

The jumping fish along with the stream.

The birds heading north.

The gleaming water.

As sunshine peaks from the trees.

As things come out from hibernation.

As backpackers trek through the forest.

The sleepy earth now awoken.

As the Swan Dreams

Fragmented poem by Emma (15)

as the swan dreams,

of wings in silver capes,

flying in beautiful serenity,

breaking and chipping through places not fathomed

nor figured out when insides its mazes.

sweeping over blood red forests and glass rivers

and hugging the crisp breaths from below.

as curious eyes from the ground watch above

hello falls,

kissing them sweetly.

And the wind whistles out

the calls of nature within and the world around.

Now once in time,

opening its shields to a realization of truth,

that such dream wasn’t a lie,

but a vivid reality.


Concrete poem by Joeli (13)

Playing with Poetry - Concrete Poem

Playing with Poetry Workshop

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