Learn As You Go

Brave Writer Learn As You Go

There’s no expiration date on an education.

Lifelong learning means you keep learning for your entire life.

Remember: you don’t have to squeeze it all in by 18. Leave some treasures to be discovered in adulthood.

I didn’t read Jane Austen until my 30s. What a treat! Not ruined by some English class before I was ready to enjoy her wit and insight.

The world has so much beauty and endless riches.

Your job as your children’s educational guide is to make some introductions and whet their appetites.

College is not only valuable at 18. In fact, it can be well argued that starting university at 20 or later is more beneficial to lots of kids (if at all)!

Learn as you go.

Take the byways.

Trust the process.

There are no educational emergencies. One day, one book, one idea, one experience at a time.

You’re never too late. You’re right on time.

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Friday Freewrite: Largest to Smallest

Friday Freewrite

Stop! Look around. Write down the largest thing you see. Now list the next largest then the next largest until you record the smallest thing you see.

Another option (or you could do both!): list the things you hear. Jot down the loudest noise then the next loudest until you write down the quietest sound.

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Podcast: An Honest Conversation about Unschooling

Brave Writer Podcast

Are you a homeschooling parent who has heard about unschooling but isn’t quite sure what it means, or whether it’s right for your family?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Unschooling is a flexible and learner-centered approach to education that encourages:

  • curiosity,
  • self-direction,
  • and personal growth.

In this Brave Writer podcast, we’ll dive into the world of unschooling and share some valuable insights, experiences, and advice to help you navigate this alternative approach to learning.

Show Notes

Understanding the Principles of Unschooling

First, let’s start by understanding the principles of unschooling. Unschooling is not anti-education but rather an alternative approach to learning that follows a child’s interests and allows them to learn at their own pace.

The philosophy, coined by educator John Holt, supports a learner-centered approach that encourages curiosity and personal growth. It’s important to differentiate between unschooling and radical unschooling, with the latter involving complete relinquishment of control and structure in a child’s life, including non-academic aspects like bedtimes and mealtimes.

Utilizing Resources and Methods in an Unschooling Environment

Unschooling doesn’t mean you need to shut the door on traditional educational resources. Instead, you can make use of tutors, classes, field trips, workbooks, and textbooks, alongside allowing your child to pursue their interests and passions. The key is to create a rich and flexible learning environment that:

  • encourages exploration
  • and supports your child’s unique learning style.

Embracing Change and Trusting the Process

One of the challenges of unschooling is letting go of expectations and recognizing that children’s interests and passions may change over time. It’s essential to remember that the skills and experiences your child gains through unschooling contribute to the “compost” of their personal development, rather than defining them by specific roles or accomplishments. Embrace the uncertainty and trust in the process, as this will ultimately help your child grow into a well-rounded and adaptable individual.

Unschooling offers a unique and flexible approach to education that can be tailored to suit the needs and interests of each child. It’s important to be open to change and not be bound by a specific educational philosophy or label.

Whether you decide to fully embrace unschooling or simply incorporate some of its principles into your homeschooling journey, remember that the ultimate goal is to support your child’s curiosity, growth, and individuality. Don’t be afraid to explore and adapt because, after all, learning is a lifelong adventure.


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Friday Freewrite: In a Fairy Tale

Friday Freewrite

If you could be a character in a fairy tale, which story would you want to be in and why?

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