Friday Freewrite: Too Tired

Friday Freewrite

Remember a time when you really wanted to stay awake to watch something but you could not stay awake no matter how hard you tried. Write about that experience.

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Time to Target Writing Instruction!

Target Writing Instruction

Home education is a bit like target practice. Every day is different, but we show up, arrows in hand, our kids in tow. We aim high! We aim true! We launch into our daily tasks with gusto!

  • Science – thwack!
  • Math – whoosh!
  • Reading – crack!

With our “writing arrow” in our hands, things get confusing. There are so many targets to aim for:

  • Spelling and grammar?
  • Neat handwriting?
  • Authentic voice?
  • Vivid details?
  • Words on the page with as few tears as possible?

When you aim for one, you feel like you’re ignoring the rest. How do you hit them ALL?It’s impossible, right?

Well, there’s a reason why athletes rely on a coach. Coaches know how to synthesize multiple elements and make a task seem cohesive—and effortless! A novice archer needs to learn good aim and proper stance, as well as tips and tricks I can’t even think up!

You wouldn’t enter an archery tournament completely untrained. Likewise, your kids are looking for a coach—someone to prepare them for the adventure of writing! That person can be you—and we intend for it to be!

That’s why Brave Writer offers a unique 6-week coaching program just for YOU. While your kids get opportunities to write, you’ll simultaneously learn how to coach your kids to write with confidence!

Target Writing Instruction

The Writer’s Jungle Online targets the main areas that determine success in writing (and sport!):

  • Accountability. Our six-week format allows for the gentle accountability you crave—supportive instructors who show up every day and guide you through the process.
  • Practical steps for change. Brave Writer embodies a philosophy and a practice.  Learn our manageable steps and use our tools to inspire your kids to write!
  • Start to finish. Start with ideas, words, exploring a child’s observations, work through the revision process with creativity and kindness, and wind up with a truly enjoyable piece of writing to read at the end of our program.
  • Reproducible results. The approach we teach you is meant to be used again and again for any writing project you do with your kids, of any age. It’s reliable and adaptable.
  • Individual support. Got a unique situation? Your child has writing habits or quirks that you can’t figure out? Our coaches have seen it all! They are ready to meet you where you are and help you navigate your needs as a homeschool parent.

Listen to what these parents had to say about their experience:

I realized how to break the writing process down into manageable steps. Before I wasn’t sure how to get from ‘I don’t know what to write!’ to the final product.

[This class] was painless for my son, enjoyable and skill-building for both of us. The gentle pace and simple assignments were perfect.

I had never attempted the revision and editing stages before, and now after going through them I have more confidence to go forward…

Hit the bullseye with The Writer’s Jungle Online!


The Writer's Jungle Online

From Tears to Young Author

From Tears to Young Author


I’m writing to thank you for the role you’ve played in our educational pathway. I’ve homeschooled my kids in some form or another for their entire schooling. When Kenny, my oldest had reached 9 years old I realized we had a problem. He hated writing. I’m not just talking about not enjoying it. . . we’re talking weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth kind of stuff. I would look for fun writing prompts online and pick something that I thought would only require a little paragraph and there would be tears, and yelling. So I started looking for a different approach.

Call it revelation or providence or maybe just luck. . .but I came across your programs. I ordered the Writer’s Jungle and Partnership Writing. I loved the gentle, hopeful approach and decided we’d try it for a year. If my notes are correct that first year we completed just 4 of the writing projects. But it was just the change he needed. At the age of 10 we did Secret Codes, Imaginary Continent, Lapbook on a Greek Myth and Mail Order Catalog. That was in 2013.

From Tears to Young AuthorA year or so later (I can’t remember for sure) Kenny went to a book launch and met a new author. When he realized she was about the same age as he was he decided he would write his own novel. We spent an entire year working on his novel which was based on his maps and some of the groundwork he laid with his imaginary continent. The writing was not too bad for an 11 or 12 year old but a major change had happened. Now he is an author. He had completed his own book.

Last year as I was talking with another homeschool mother I discovered that she has a small publishing company. I shared his novel and she has taken on the project. Now my nearly 15 year old son, the Author, the Wordsmith has re-written his book to something much more grand. He is planning a life as an author and we are excitedly planning a book launch this spring. I am so excited for his achievement and so very grateful to you and the gentle nudge in the right direction. Honestly I consider this to be a huge win in my corner as homeschool mother, particularly knowing where we started.

Thank you for your beautiful messages, for Poetry Teatimes, for shared journals and for a view that invites parents to work with students in a gentle and nurturing way. Thank you for the Partnership Writing curriculum and for being a pivotal part of our writing journey.



Proud mother of Kenny, soon to be published author of The Middle Lands: The Castaway Hero.

Partnership Writing

Help Kids SEE Differently

Help Kids See Differently

In chapter 4 of The Brave Learner, I write about the 4 Forces of Enchantment and how they catalyze learning. The second force is “mystery.”

Mystery provokes:

  • depth,
  • awe,
  • closer scrutiny,
  • a shift in perspective.

It’s the force of “unknowing”—the heart of any deep dive in learning.

One of the ways I suggest promoting mystery is to help kids SEE differently using all kinds of tools:

  • microscope,
  • binoculars,
  • magnifying glasses.

When I visited the Getty Center a while ago, I noticed these BIG magnifying glasses hanging on the wall. They were provided to examine Da vinci sketches. Adults flocked to them. You had to wait for one to come free and then they were immediately snapped up again.

Holding the glass, looking carefully through it meant every person spent more time examining the artwork in that room than any other room I had been in. I noticed as I looked that the drawing had been composed of deft hashmarks, layered—sometimes close together, sometimes far apart. Made me wish I had a magnifying glass for every painting, too!

A shift in how you SEE leads to an awareness that my habits of seeing are limited. There is always more to see/know when we shift perception, when we find aids to help us move away from the familiar to discover more.

This post is originally from Instagram and @juliebravewriter is my account there so come follow along for more conversations like this one!

The Brave Learner

Who is the Brave Learner?

Who is the Brave Learner?

Who is the Brave Learner? Is it your toddler learning to walk? Is it the early reader bravely sounding out words? Is it the fan fiction writer or the table top gamer in your family?

Brave learning is about growing and becoming. It takes guts to say: “I don’t know” and then to find out what you need to know.

The Brave Learner Conference is designed to partner with you on that courageous journey! Can’t wait to meet you. You’re coming, right?

The Deets:

  • Early bird registration fee expires tonight (Mar. 31) at midnight EDT: $179.00 per person (Regular price: $199)
  • Capacity: Nearly sold out!
  • All Day Conference: Friday July 19, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Event location: the GLORIOUS Renaissance Hotel in downtown Cincinnati (discounted rooms to stay on site are still available but also nearly sold out).
  • We don’t host conferences every year (it’s been 3 years since our last one).

Can’t wait to hug you, to take selfies together, to introduce you to each other, and to pamper you with treats.

See you in Cincinnati!

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