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[Podcast #213] How to Talk to Homeschool-Resistant Family

Brave Writer Podcast

As seasoned homeschoolers and advocates for this unique educational journey, we have experienced firsthand the challenges and joys that come with choosing this path.

Join us on today’s Brave Writer podcast as we share our venture into homeschooling and how it wasn’t straightforward; it involved navigating skepticism from our spouses and families, balancing our convictions with compassion and understanding.

Show Notes

Our Initial Challenges and Breakthroughs

Our individual journeys into homeschooling began with personal revelations and a shared desire to provide a tailored educational experience for our children. We faced initial resistance from our spouses, rooted not in opposition but in concern and love—a common experience for many new to homeschooling. This skepticism wasn’t a hurdle but an invitation for dialogue and understanding.

Involving Our Families in Our Homeschooling Process

We learned early on the importance of involving our skeptical family members in the homeschooling process. By tapping into their interests and expertise, we transformed their skepticism into support, enriching our homeschooling experience and making it a truly family-centric endeavor. We discovered that addressing concerns with openness and empathy, rather than defensiveness, fosters a more inclusive and harmonious educational environment.

Embracing Change and Collaboration in Homeschooling

Our key advice for new homeschoolers centers around embracing change and collaboration. Understanding and respecting the concerns of skeptical family members is crucial. Their skepticism often stems from a place of love and should be met with empathy and patience. Involving them in the homeschooling journey, using their expertise and interests, can turn skepticism into invaluable support.

Flexibility is the backbone of homeschooling. We’ve learned to adapt our methods to suit our family’s evolving needs and circumstances, proving that homeschooling is anything but rigid. Fostering a collaborative environment ensures that every family member, regardless of their initial stance on homeschooling, contributes to and enriches the learning experience.

Our Reflections and Encouragement

Reflecting on our journey, we’ve come to understand that homeschooling is more than an educational choice—it’s a lifestyle that enriches family life in myriad ways. From the challenges of addressing skepticism to the joys of seeing our children thrive in a personalized learning environment, our homeschooling journey has been a tapestry of:

  • learning,
  • adaptation,
  • and growth.

As we continue to share our experiences and insights, we hope to offer guidance and support to families embarking on their homeschooling journey. Remember, it’s about building a supportive, inclusive, and adaptive environment where every family member finds a place and a voice. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and cherish the journey.


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Brave Writer Podcast

Brave Writer Precept #8: Help Helps

Brave Writer Precept

The eighth Brave Writer precept is: We acknowledge challenges and face them bravely. We reach out to others, knowing that help helps.

It’s really hard to be a homeschooler without support. We make brave decisions every day to show up and believe that what we have to offer our children is enough to give them the education they deserve.

One of the ways you can stave off the feeling of inadequacy is to find like-minded parents. I love to say that help helps. I’m not a big fan of the parenting strategy that tells children when they’re bored that they must solve that boredom on their own, for example. Similarly, I would never say to a parent who is struggling with parenting or education, figure it out on your own.

We are all better when we provide each other with support.

Brave Writer’s 12 Precepts

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