Friday Freewrite: Memory

Friday Freewrite Memory

Have you ever remembered an event differently from the way someone else remembered it? If you have, write about it. If you haven’t, imagine what that might be like.

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Homeschool High School Virtual Conference

Homeschool High School Virtual Conference

Brave Writer is participating in the Homeschool High School Virtual Conference! has partnered with to bring you a long-awaited solution for highschoolers wondering how to map out their future! With a great lineup of speakers that includes admissions counselors as well as college alternative advocates, your high schooler is sure to find help in determining his/her life’s direction.

Date: August 30, 2018

Price: $29

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Homeschool High School Virtual Conference

Brave Writer Session

High School Writing and Literature: When is enough, enough?

Join Julie as she looks at the secret to academic writing, how to form realistic goals for high school English credits, and the role of literature in high school English classes. This session will explain the “Think Three” trick to MLA research-based writing, it will explore the difference between argument and personal convictions, and parents will discover how to create an environment that fosters the rhetorical imagination. High school literature and writing can be a wonderful journey into the developing mind of a young adult. Learn how to support it and count it!

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Brave Writer Lifestyle: Language Games

Brave Writer Lifestyle August Language Games

This month’s Brave Writer Lifestyle focus is: Language Games.

When you foster an environment of language play, you help your children develop the vocabulary and the practice of finding words within when it comes time to write. Language games are a fabulous way to create better vocabularies, to encourage deep connections, and to explore ideas. Count these as an important part of your writing life!

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2018 Themes

January: Read Aloud
February: TV & Film
March: Big, Juicy Conversations
April: Poetry Teatime
May: Art Appreciation
June: Nature Journaling
July: One on One Time
August: Language Games
September: Copywork
October: Freewriting
November: Shakespeare
December: Celebrate!

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August in the Homeschool Alliance: Learning How to Learn with Barb Oakley

The Homeschool Alliance

This month in the Homeschool Alliance, you are in for a treat! Barb Oakley, PhD in mechanical engineering and author of A Mind for Numbers, is joining us to talk about her new book for junior and senior high kids: Learning How to Learn.

We are so lucky to have her. She spends most of her time flitting around from Stockholm to Shanghai and Taipei to Tempe. Her expertise on learning is so in demand, she is never home!

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Learning How to Learn brings all that amazing brain research we’ve been discussing in the Homeschool Alliance to your kids, in manageable language with fantastic metaphors and practices that help them feel powerful in their learning tasks.

Julie Bogart and Barbara Oakley

Look at these chapter titles!

  • “Learning While Your Sleep: Waking Up Smarter”
  • “Slick Tricks for Your Memory”
  • “Learning Surprises: Psst! Your Worst Traits Can Be Your Best Traits!”

We’ll read a couple chapters this month in the Alliance and then Barb will join us to do a webinar to share with you all the wonderfulness of her brilliant insights. The hope is that your kids will become insightful about their own learning practices so they feel like academic powerhouses!

You can join for a 7 or 14 Day Free Trial. You may find that this is the best homeschool investment you’ve ever made! Check us out to see.

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Take a look at what the Alliance has to offer with our 7-Day FREE Trial! Join any time and leave any time. What have you got to lose?

All the good stuff will be open to you. Think of it as your best online resource for everything you need to feel good about the home education you are providing to your kids.

We offer so many tools to help you:

  • Monthly webinars
  • Free digital copies of Julie’s books (A Gracious Space)
  • A library of resources to educate you about parenting, school subjects, family dynamics, and extracurricular activities
  • Julie’s coaching tools to help you evaluate this year and plan next year
  • A discussion board to meet other homeschool alliance members and to receive coaching

…and so much more!

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2018 Fall Class Registration is OPEN

Brave Writer Fall Classes

Brave Writer Fall Writing Classes

Registration is OPEN!

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