Friday Freewrite: Raining Cats and Dogs

Friday Freewrite

You’ve probably heard the phrase: “It’s raining cats and dogs.” Imagine if multitudes of cats and dogs did float down from the sky. Describe the scene like a weather forecaster!

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Summer Games Guide: Tokyo 2020

Brave Writer Summer Games Guide

Despite all of the hurdles, the Games are on!

With hopes that all are safe and well, the 2020 Games will be hosted in Tokyo, Japan as planned.

When does our global village get to witness record-breaking, heart-stopping, breath-taking athletic feats once again? 

XXXII Summer Olympic Games
Friday, July 23, 2021 – Sunday, August 8, 2021

2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games
Tuesday, August 24, 2021 – Sunday, September 5, 2021

Are you ready for the BEST news?

We have a treat for you!

The Brave Writer Guide to the 2020 Summer Games!

This 18-page celebration of the Games is filled with: 

  • booklists (including a few Arrow and Boomerang titles)
  • writing ideas
  • STEM inspiration 
  • art and craft ideas
  • Big Juicy Conversation topics for both teens and the younger crowd
  • art and music appreciation
  • trivia links and prompts
  • nature study 
  • game ideas inspired by the Games
  • Poetry Teatime inspiration and booklists
  • Paralympic links and prompts 
  • metals for you to use however you like
  • and much more

Let’s get ready to support the athletes who’ve worked so hard to make it to the Games.

Grab your Summer Games Guide!

We’re excited for the games to begin! Use the hashtag #bravewriterlifestyle to share the fun.

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Friday Freewrite: Self-Aware

Friday Freewrite

A character in a video game becomes self-aware (conscious knowledge of one’s own thoughts, feelings, and actions) and now cannot be controlled by the player. What happens?

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Podcast: How to Face the Facts When Discussing Politics with Sharon McMahon

Brave Writer Podcast

When it comes to politics, keeping your facts straight can feel nearly impossible. It seems as if every outlet has some political bias, and misinformation can run rampant on social media and take hold of millions without question. That’s why critical thinking — especially in this realm — is incredibly important.

Sharon McMahon of SharonSaysSo has so much to teach me — and all of us — about government, history, and whales. She’s a former high school government and law teacher who earned a reputation as “America’s Government teacher” amidst the historic 2020 election proceedings for her viral efforts to educate the general public on political misinformation.

Through a simple mission to share non-partisan information about democracy, Sharon launched her Instagram account to explain the facts without the political bias and clickbait that often go along with them. Her community of governerds have raised over 1.3 million dollars for people with needs and to relieve medical debt. She’s here to discuss the art of critical thinking.

In this podcast episode, we talk about the importance of unpacking biases, how to identify facts, when to defer to the experts, and how to think like a scientist.

Listen to the Podcast

Show Notes

Facing the Facts

There’s a lot of debate about what a fact actually is. Part of being a fact is that it really happened, which seems obvious. It should also be substantiated by multiple sources. It’s when you choose to interpret those facts in a certain way that things become more complicated. That’s when bias creeps in.

Bias does not negate the facts, but when it comes with an interpretation that is not our own, our job is to separate the fact from the bias and come to our own conclusions.

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“Mom, I think writing is my best subject.”

Brave Writer 102

Here’s the next installment of our ongoing series where we share testimonies of some who’ve been transformed by their online class experience with Brave Writer. Enjoy!

Brave Writer parent, Carrie, writes:

What class(es) are you giving feedback on today?

Brave Writer 102: Stress-Free Revision

Tell us a bit about your student.

My son Joey is 14. He is the 6th of my 7 children. He is very soft-spoken and struggles with academics. He loves Legoes and building models and figures, playing video games, going fishing, and taking walks in the woods with his mom.

Tell us a bit about you.

I am a mom to 7 and so far have homeschooled 4 of them through high school; I’m still blessed to be awaking a love of learning in my youngest 3 children. I was a former public school teacher who began homeschooling 23 years ago. I love reading, teaching, and taking walks in the woods. I love learning new things and recently started taking painting classes which is helping me overcome a fear of art I developed 40 years ago in the 8th grade when exploring my artistic side challenged my GPA.

When your student entered our class, how would you describe your student as a writer? Were there ongoing writing challenges?

Joey has always struggled with the physical act of writing and didn’t like to write because it was laborious for him. He tended to write simplistically, far below his level of thought or vocabulary. He dutifully worked to “get done.” He didn’t ever want to re-think his writing because he had already put in so much time and energy into having gotten the writing complete. As a former middle school Language Arts teacher unable to help her own son, I felt like I was failing him.

What was your experience with the class?

When we started this class, I hoped to just be able to help Joey get a more positive feeling for the art of revising. What we got was so much more. I saw my son smiling as he was writing and I have NEVER seen that. He was so very proud of working to make his memory into a lie. He put his sense of humor into his piece. He struggles so much academically and is so quiet by nature that I didn’t know he even had this creative, fun sense of humor. His teacher told him she nearly spit out her tea laughing when she read his description his wit shown through. I saw my son, who always struggles, shine. The biggest payoff was when he told me, “Mom, I think writing is my best subject.” Those are words I never thought I’d hear!

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I loved this class!!!!!!!

Brave Writer Online Writing Classes