Friday Freewrite: Ruler of Grasshoppers

Friday Freewrite

Congratulations! You’ve just been made The Royal Ruler of All Grasshoppers! Grasshoppers are usually solitary but sometimes they gather in huge groups of millions or more. And now, you’re in charge of them.

Write 10 rules grasshoppers must follow.

Tip: For ideas, you might research a bit about grasshoppers (for instance, that they ‘spit’ a brown liquid and can jump about 3 feet or 1 meter).

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Engage with Nature: Recap

Engage with Nature Recap

Each Friday for the last month we’ve shared simple ideas to engage with the world outside (we suggested picking one a week to try).

Our Brave Writer families have watched clouds roll by, turned over rocks, and built fairy houses.

The twenty nature prompts can continue to inspire as you practice the Brave Writer Lifestyle throughout the year.

Here’s the complete list (click image to enlarge).

Need more support?

Brave Writer offers a 4-week Nature Journaling online class!

Nature journaling is a way of writing, drawing and reflecting through observations and art. Kids get to uncover countless mysteries and surprises as they interact with the wondrous world around them!The best part?

While your kids are grabbing their notebooks and sun hats, you know they are interacting with earth science, art, math and getting the benefits of physical education.

Nature Journaling

Homeschool Alliance: May 2020

How do we homeschool to college?

There’s a traditional route, with textbooks, planned courses, and SAT scores.

And there’s a non-traditional approach—entering college without the usual pace and approach to high school studies.

Blake Boles will explore the non-traditional approach in our webinar (7 pm ET, Tuesday, May 12) “College Without High School.”

Books written by Blake: College Without High School, The Art of Self-Directed Learning, and Better than College. He’ll share an excerpt from his newest book Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School? (publication May 2020).

Blake writes, speaks, podcasts, and builds community in the realms of alternative education, self-directed learning, and unschooling. He organizes life-changing trips for teenagers through his company Unschool Adventures, and he also coaches parents and young adults.

Join us in May in the Homeschool Alliance for a look at the ways homeschooled teens and young adults get to college, with Blake’s special appearance as our indie guidance counselor!

Join the Homeschool Alliance

The Homeschool Alliance

Selecting Books: Diversify

Selecting Books: Diversity

When selecting books to read aloud, we (at Brave Writer) follow a key principle:


The idea is to lay a feast of ideas (ht: Charlotte Mason) before your children, to create opportunities for empathy, to help your children grow in critical thinking, to expand a child’s world, and to entertain! That too.

The goal is to offer a selection of books over a year or several years that is diverse in lots of ways. Keeping the list below handy will help you get out of ruts and habits too.

When reading gets stale or predictable, shake things up! Here’s how.

Select from these categories:

Diverse Authors

Diverse Characters

  • male and female protagonists
  • older and younger
  • varieties of worldview

Diverse Experiences

  • types of childhoods
  • historical events
  • national disasters
  • humanitarian crises
  • humorous, suspenseful, fantastical situations

Diverse Genres

  • poetry
  • prose
  • nonfiction
  • graphic novels
  • comics
  • plays
  • short stories
  • fables

This post is originally from Instagram and @juliebravewriter is my account there so come follow along for more conversations like this one!

Arrows and Boomerangs

*NEW* Faltering Ownership Planner

Faltering Ownership Planner

Calling all Brave Writers with Faltering-Ownership-age kids! We’ve heard you!

  • If you’re a planner—
  • If you’re a planner-from-behind—
  • If you’re somewhere in between—

We’ve got your back with new tools that make using our Faltering Ownership program easier than ever!

Introducing a Faltering Ownership supplement: the Faltering Ownership Project Planner!

Week in Focus Planner & Writing Skills Trackers!
And for your child, the Student Monthly Project Planner!

Faltering Ownership Planner

Each Faltering Ownership project has a custom designed:

  • Week in Focus Planner and
  • Writing Skills Tracker 

That’s right! 

  • Ten planning sheets
  • Ten skills trackers
  • Customized to each project—over 20 pages in all!

The Week in Focus Planner will help you 

  • weave Brave Writer Lifestyle activities into your week 
  • schedule oral language practices: memorization, narration, and word play
  • plan daily activities for the writing project of the month

The Writing Skills Tracker will provide you with 

  • checklists to note basic and project-specific writing skills 
  • a word bank of academic vocabulary 
  • a space to incorporate that language into a short narrative about your child’s learning experience

NOTE: If you purchased Faltering Ownership or the Faltering Ownership bundle before 2/17/2020, you’ll need to purchase the Planner a la carte. Follow this link for more details.

Faltering Ownership Planner

If you’d like to hear me explain how to use the Faltering Ownership Planner, watch this recorded broadcast:

Brand new with Brave Writer

We've heard you! You want to plan your weeks and track your children's writing skills. You also want to nudge them toward greater independence in planning and executing their writing projects. Today I'm sharing with you our brand new product that does just that! We'll answer questions in the chat whether you watch live or are viewing on replay.Learn more here:

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