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The Writer's Jungle Online SALE

Registration for winter/spring sessions is now open!   Sign up for the class that started it all in January 2000:

The Writer’s Jungle Online

When you sign up for a winter/spring session of The Writer’s Jungle Online, you’ll get $20.00 off of the main tuition AND $20.00 off of each additional student.

The sale runs from December 2 – 15, 2019 and only applies to The Writer’s Jungle Online sessions offered in the winter and spring.

  • Jan 6 – Feb 14 2020 **FULL**
  • Jan 13 – Feb 21 2020 **FULL**
  • Jan 27 – Mar 6 2020
  • Feb 10 – Mar 20 2020
  • Feb 17 – Mar 27 2020

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2019 Black Friday Sale + Holiday Shoppe

Brave Writer Holiday Shoppe

Black Friday starts NOW!

Take advantage of Brave Writer’s Big Black Friday 20% Discount TODAY on Brave Writer products

Enjoy 20% OFF on ALL our products purchased in our store (not classes) for 24 hours.

Discount Code: CELEBRATE19

Sale ends at 9:00 AM (Eastern) on Saturday November 30.

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Friday Freewrite: When I Grow Up

Finish this sentence: When I grow up I will never __________. Now share three reasons for your answer.

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.

Homeschool Alliance: December 2019

Liberation from School

How do homeschool parents:

  • abandon the trappings of school,
  • harness the energy of home and family,
  • and help our children make authentic academic progress? 

Those are questions we love to answer in our coaching community. 

Join us in December in the Homeschool Alliance as we explore The Brave Learner’s unique approach to learning at home:

  • bingo cards,
  • planning from behind,
  • interval training,
  • and more!

Our coaching team will show you how your kids can thrive with routines rather than schedules, and how well kids respond to invitation and inspiration rather than insistence. A marathoner herself, Julie will explain how interval training can build learning stamina in our kids.

But is this really enough? 

We’ll consider concrete ways we can measure academic progress even as the role of inspiration-led learning grows. Planning from Behind with Narratives and Scatterbooking demonstrates that our children are learning “enough”—and helps us see and celebrate their progress!  

Upcoming WebinarBrave Learner Book Club: Liberation from School, Dec. 11, 2019 @ 7 PM ET

Join us!

The Homeschool Alliance

Be a Light

Be a Light

At the end of my life, I wanted it not said upon my epitaph: “Lo, she successfully laundered thousands of loads of laundry.”

Friends: there’s more to life.

Change the checkboxes.

  • Showed compassion for struggle
  • Experimented with a new approach to learning
  • Discovered what doesn’t work for that one child
  • Gave out hugs like it’s my job
  • Enjoyed poetry
  • Expanded my worldview
  • Paid attention to this single amazing day
  • Folded undies like a Kon Mari folding expert (okay, I slipped one laundry item into the list, but at least try elevating the task just for today!)

You’re a blaze of energy and light in someone’s life. Live like it. Assign credit. Grow.

This post is originally from Instagram and @juliebravewriter is my account there so come follow along for more conversations like this one!

The Brave Learner