Friday Freewrite: Directions

Friday Freewrite: This way and that

Pick an activity you enjoy. Now describe it step by step for someone who is new to it. Go!

New to freewriting? Check out our online guide.

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Show us your enchanted learning spaces!


Share your enchanted learning spacesAre you on Periscope? Then we want to see your Enchanted Learning Spaces! At the kitchen table, in the backyard, on the front porch–wherever learning sprinkled with pixie dust happens in your home!

What is an Enchanted Education, you ask? It’s when time moves molasses slow and learning is pleasurable and playful. Learn more here.

Use the hashtag #EnchantedScopes and share!

Also, if you use to record your scopes email us and let us know.
Send us your username and link!

And here’s a great example by Mary who blogs at Not Before 7:

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October SALE on Brave Writer products!

Brave Writer's Oops, I forgot something SALE

It’s October. Do you wish you’d bought The Writer’s Jungle or Partnership Writing after all?

Maybe you see now that your child is ready for the Arrow. The problem? You shot your wad in August and you feel a little guilty about investing again. I get it. Been there, done that.

Let’s fix this, shall we?

To help you out, we’re running a special through the month of October called the “Oops! I forgot something” sale. Get $15.00 off any purchase of Brave Writer materials when you spend $50.00 or more (doesn’t include classes).

Use this code at checkout:


It’s not too late to invest in curricula that will change the course of writing for the rest of your homeschool career.


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Poetry Teatime: Rainy day tea

Poetry Teatime

Our Poetry Teatimes are rarely elaborate, but I find if I keep it simple it is more likely to happen. Here are five of my six children, my only little boy is in his highchair to the side. It’s was a wonderful, rainy day and I made tea time special by lighting candles.

Thank you for always being so encouraging.


Want to start your own Poetry Teatime? Here’s how.

Would you like your family featured on Tuesday Teatime? Email us your teatime photos with a few lines about your experience (put “Teatime” in the subject line). If we share on our blog then you’ll receive a free Arrow or Boomerang title of your choice (once per family). Note: all submissions fall under Creative Commons licensing.

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Real Life Grammar Instruction

Real Life Grammar Tips

Periscope fans, please order your free digital file here for the 5 tips to help you transform how you approach grammar in your family. There is absolutely no charge! You will be added to our email list so that you will be kept abreast of Brave Writer’s materials and classes. Thanks!

FREE: 5 Tips for Real Grammar Instruction

Resources mentioned in the Scope (affiliate links):

My favorite Grammar Program!
Winston Grammar


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