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“Seeing a spark”

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Silly Poem by Erik, Brave Writer student

Dear Julie

My boys were making up silly poems last night when I was putting them to bed so I told them they should write down all their ideas. So today, among many short poems, my son Erik wrote this and then rolled on the floor laughing:

my speling is grate!
‘ain’t gott a misteak!
‘do’nt kare wut u sai,
‘cause me spelin ees great!

I thought you might enjoy that. As silly as that is I do really love seeing a spark in my boys that I haven’t seen in a while. I’m in high demand as an editor now as one boy writes historical fiction set during the French and Indian War and the other writes about a horse that wants to learn to fly from a wise eagle named Dr. Smart.

Your ideas are revolutionizing our homeschool. Thank you.



What a high level of linguistic skill is apparent in this adorable poem! He’s nailing it! This is what leads to powerful writing as he gets older—such facility! Love it! –julie

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Student Spotlight: Libby

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

The Bare Bear by LibbyEnjoy this adorable poem by Brave Writer, Libby!

The Bare Bear

by Libby (age 12)

There once was bear named Clare
And this bear named Clare had no hair
No fur and no fuzz,
the coldest a bear ever was,
Yes poor Clare had no hair, she was bare!

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Poetry on the racquetball court

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Racquetball poetry

Here’s a poem by Brave Writer student, Ivy, to enjoy with your Poetry Teatime:


by Ivy (age 11)

a bounce and a thunk
a person falls
it’s an injury
in racquetball

the racket clanks
against the wall
this isn’t like a trip
to the south end mall

not too tight
not too light
or you’ll end up
with one black eye

a nice firm grip
a nicer swing
if it isn’t that
you’ll end in a sling

so always pretend
your home sick in bed
there’s lots of hope
in a sore forehead

Image by Brave Writer mom Venessa

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Student Spotlight: Emily

Thursday, October 8th, 2015


I will not use a metaphor

Enjoy this delightful poem by Brave Writer student, Emily (age 12):

I will not use a metaphor

I will not use a metaphor,
They are the pain when I am poor

I will not use a simile,
They’re like a swarm of bumble bees

An adjective, I’d never write,
They’re ugly, stupid, never right,

But most of all, in the universe,
I’ll never write lines, a poem, or verse!

Image by Shonda Kellams (cc cropped, tinted, text added)

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YOU are your children’s greatest educational resource

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

YOU are your children's greatest educational resource

In all your planning to please, educate, and entertain your children, don’t forget that YOU are their greatest educational tool, resource, and role model. Your lifestyle teaches them more than you realize.

  • Do you read in their presence for your own self-education or pleasure?
  • Do you get off the computer visibly for a chunk of the day doing other activities that require your hands, your creativity, and your self-will?
  • Do you discuss ideas freely, with your curiosity leading?
  • Do you find other people and their ways of life fascinating and involving?
  • Are you quick to assume the best?
  • Are you likely to help and support?
  • Do you consult experts when you are in doubt?
  • Do you credit others for their contributions to your understanding, or for their corrections of your assumptions?
  • What defines your living space: order and space to explore? creative mess for risk? tools available to use? noisy and quiet places?
  • Do you give full attention and eye contact to someone each day? Do you rotate who gets that full attention?
  • Will you apologize when you are wrong, mistaken, or hurt someone, without being prompted to do so?
  • Are Shakespeare and poetry, math theorems and science projects, gardens and laptop computers freely explored/used in your life?

Think about the person you are as the primary curriculum. The best education you can give your kids is the one they witness every day.

As you live, so they learn.

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Image by Rosmarie Voegtli (cc text added)

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