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YOU are your children’s greatest educational resource

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

YOU are your children's greatest educational resource

In all your planning to please, educate, and entertain your children, don’t forget that YOU are their greatest educational tool, resource, and role model. Your lifestyle teaches them more than you realize.

  • Do you read in their presence for your own self-education or pleasure?
  • Do you get off the computer visibly for a chunk of the day doing other activities that require your hands, your creativity, and your self-will?
  • Do you discuss ideas freely, with your curiosity leading?
  • Do you find other people and their ways of life fascinating and involving?
  • Are you quick to assume the best?
  • Are you likely to help and support?
  • Do you consult experts when you are in doubt?
  • Do you credit others for their contributions to your understanding, or for their corrections of your assumptions?
  • What defines your living space: order and space to explore? creative mess for risk? tools available to use? noisy and quiet places?
  • Do you give full attention and eye contact to someone each day? Do you rotate who gets that full attention?
  • Will you apologize when you are wrong, mistaken, or hurt someone, without being prompted to do so?
  • Are Shakespeare and poetry, math theorems and science projects, gardens and laptop computers freely explored/used in your life?

Think about the person you are as the primary curriculum. The best education you can give your kids is the one they witness every day.

As you live, so they learn.

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Image by Rosmarie Voegtli (cc text added)

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Cute (and candid!) snow poems

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Snow poems

After listening to poetry nearly every week the last 8 or so months, my kids have really started to take an interest in their own writing.

As winter weather stormed through our area, we declared a day all about snow–including snow poetry. We read snow poetry, then headed outside to play in the snow and generate our own poem ideas.

Both children made several comments we thought would be the perfect start for some poems. They were so proud of their work and became excited at the chance to send it to the person who created Poetry Tea Time.

I’m so grateful we took a trip through the “Jot It Down” stage. Thanks so much for the lifestyle change and fun Brave Writer has brought into our homeschool!


“My Feet are Snot Wet” by Mikaela (age 5)

My feet are snot wet you know
That’s what happens when I play in the snow
My boots and gloves are frosty, iced with cold
If only I could stand this weather better, maybe when I’m old….

I’m tiny and short and when I slip and fall
Cold winter soaks to my fingers each and all
Now my fingers, gloves, boots, and feet are snot wet.
What part of fun snow day, Winter, did you not get?

“Little White Robbers” by Clark (age 8)

Snow is going left, snow is going right
I suspect the snowflakes might steal something tonight.
They’re angry and the black dirt specks look like robber hats.
Angry about gravity pulling them from sky above to ground flat.
There are millions, billions falling more
Preventing us from gathering necessities at the grocery store.
If only summer would rush in quick and soon
Nope, the snow has stolen it. Next they’re after the moon.

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Student Spotlight: Tomy!

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

We love it when Brave Writer students share their writing with us! Tomy (age 8) wrote a holiday poem for an Arrow project. He says:

I would of never write this verse if wasn’t for the book Inside Out and Back Again and the Arrow project. I never read free verse before so Thanhha Lai inspired me to write in free verse, and I thought it was fun!

Thanhha Lai writes about what is important to her, so I wrote something important to me. Christmas is very important to me and I am always wondering how Santa travels since I don’t believe he travels by Reindeer.

I did really enjoy organizing my free verse with lots of one word lines.

Here is Tomy’s poem:

Everything is wrong

I like to hear
they have a

I like to see
they are lited up

But everything is
travels every

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Sonnet of the Seasons

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

All four seasons - Outside my window


While cleaning out folders and getting ready for the new school year I found a poem that my daughter Emily (age 11) wrote at the end of last school year. I’m not sure if I shared it with you at the time or not.

We were using the Arrow Poetry lessons and I also checked a book out of the library called P is for Poetry (A Poetry Alphabet Book) that had descriptions and examples of various kinds of poetry. This was something she did just for fun. I wanted to share it with you.

I’m so thankful to Brave Writer for inspiring better writing from my girls!


Sonnet of the Seasons

by Emily

I step out of my house and start to sing,
The white fur turned to brown atop the hare,
The new life starts to celebrate the Spring,
Now running through the grass my feet are bare.

But Woosh! Woosh! Ping! The nice grass turns to pods,
I step up, “Here I go!” I take a dive,
The water underneath me feels so cool!
And now I feel so glad to be alive!

But suddenly the green leaves turn to gold,
This time of harvest is the turkey’s fate,
For when the leaves fall from the tree’s weak hold,
Yummy turkey meat is on my plate.

And now that lovely autumn isn’t here,
I’m glad to say that winter break is near!

Image by Sundar M (cc)

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Beating Time

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

From one of our talented Brave Writer students:

Ms. Julie,

Mrs. Susanne asked me to send you a copy of a poem that I wrote, which recently won a contest hosted by my city’s local newspaper. I owe much of my poetic knowledge to Mrs. Susanne and to the Brave Writer classes I’ve taken over the years. So here’s an ode to the fruits of Brave Writer!

Beating Time

By Leanna Haag

Listen child, and hear my voice,
Come sit upon my knee;
I will tell you of the time
When bridges sang to me.

Walking down the path one night
I came upon the bridge,
Locked down in the holler deep,
Tight-cradled by the ridge.

Its little roof was crooked,
Its piles glared gloomy grey,
The slippery boards that bound it
Were iced with foamy spray.

I shuddered as I watched it,
Still swaying in the mist.
I ran to meet it, quaking;
It snatched me in its fist.

The rocking bridge rolled ‘neath me,
The slats began to croon,
The river water gurgled,
And jazzed a bluesy tune.

The wind strummed cable cellos –
It whistled through the eaves,
Tugging at my loosened hair
And pulling at my sleeves.

The stars skipped out to swing-dance
With waltzing, tinkling bells.
The moon rose high to watch them,
Quick-stepping with the swells.

The planets stopped to watch us,
The Earth stood still to hear
The purest song in Nature,
Breathed on the silent pier.

The bridge beat out the chorus,
The sharp ice hummed in key.
In the country air we danced –
The sky, the bridge and me.

To times when bridges sang,
My child, I’ve bid adieu.
But in your eyes, now I see
Time’s bridged ‘tween me and you.

Congratulations, Leanna! Your award was well deserved!

Image © Stevenrussellsmithphotos |

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