How to Write an iTunes Podcast Review

How to Write an iTunes Review

A number of our Brave Writer podcast listeners have asked how to write a review of the show on iTunes.

Here’s a quick and easy guide:

Head over to the Brave Writer podcast channel.

How to Write an iTunes Review

Look for the blue “View in iTunes” button in the left sidebar. Clicking on that will open the Brave Writer channel (if you haven’t installed iTunes yet, you’ll be prompted to install it and create an AppleID which is simple to do).

How to Write an iTunes Review

Click on Ratings and Reviews (before you do be sure to subscribe using the button under the Brave Writer icon—thanks!). You’ll see the current ratings and reviews that our listeners have kindly left.

How to Write an iTunes Review

Click on the Write A Review button. That brings up a window where you can type a title and the text of your review. If you haven’t already chosen a star rating, you can do so here as well.

Write in what you want to say about the show and click Submit.

That’s it! Your comment will be reviewed for appropriateness and then published within 24 hours or so.

Thanks so much!

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