Brave Writer Podcast: 55 Things I Did NOT Do as a Homeschooler

Podcast 55 Things I Did NOT Do as a Homeschooler

Homeschooling parents often have anxiety around the aspirations for perfection that are so prevalent in home education – but we don’t have to be perfect!

In this podcast episode, I dispel some of that anxiety by sharing 55 things that I did NOT do in my homeschool, and my kids turned out okay.

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Despite the lack of projects, the lack of science, the fact that we didn’t write as much as you might expect, the fact that we changed what we did every year, I have amazing kids – just like you!

There are ways to think about home education, and education in general, and your family! The priority is your relationships, and the capacity to engage a subject and make it meaningful to children in a way that lasts into adulthood.

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