Brave Writer Podcast: 61 Things I Did RIGHT in My Homeschool

Brave Writer Podcast 61 Things I Did RIGHT in My Homeschool

To be a home educator is to value learning – if you are part of the Brave Writer community, it is because you value learning. Although your children may not be able to articulate it, they know that your home is about learning, and that that is important to their parents. It is this gift that creates the platform for all else that you do.

Truly, if you approach your homeschool from a space of valuing education, as opposed to a fear of public schools, your children have already earned a sacred space in their hearts for learning. Just by living and breathing the value of education around your children, you are already ahead of the game.

With that in mind, this episode contains 61 things that I did in my homeschool – and that I am proud of!

I am also glad that I learned what it means to establish a home that kids want to return to, even now. I am so glad that our memories are bound up in all these activities.

When you put the relationship first, you put joy and learning first, and you support your children—and you help them see that their ideas, imagination, and words are valuable to you—any system will work.

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