The Power of Poetry

The Power of Poetry

Poetry can help shift the relationship around words. That’s the power of poetry!

We’ve curated some of our favorite poetry resources and activities so you can save some time and get to the fun part — celebrating National Poetry Month in your homeschool!

Poetry Teatime

Fun and Games

Have some fun with these spins on “writing” poetry

Use games to play with poetry and words

Throw a poetry party

  • It’s party school! Throw a poetry teatime party with friends and/or extended family. (Psst…you have permission to party!)

Deep Dive

Dive into a master class (try out a free preview of a Brave Learner Home topic)

Teach language arts using a novel in verse

Take an online writing class

One-Day Celebrations

Crunched for time? We understand! Here are some one-day ideas worth squeezing in:

The Brave Learner

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