7-Day Writing BLITZ!

Brave Writer's 7-Day Writing Blitz

Introducing the 7-Day Writing Blitz!

What is a 7-Day Writing Blitz? It’s about EXPLODING the dynamics around language and helping your kids take that deep plunge into writing in an invitational, fun, enchanted way. Because writing is not about performing for school; it’s about life and self-expression.

For seven straight days, your kids will write, but it’s going to surprise them. Our FREE PDF comes with seven days of manageable writing projects appropriate for all writing ages. These daily prompts will encourage your kids to

  • play with language,
  • use unconventional writing utensils and surfaces,
  • and cultivate good writing habits.

Also in our free packet we give you directions for how to build a Writing Blitz Jet Pack (pictured in the image above) to help you enchant the writing experience for your kids.Brave Writer's 7-Day Writing Blitz

Download the guide HERE

Starting on Sept. 25th we will all do the activities together while updating each other on our progress at the hashtag #BW7DAYBLITZ on Instagram and Twitter.

The 25th doesn’t work for you? It’s okay! You can do the Writing Blitz whenever you want. You can start early and simply wait to post your progress, or you can start late because the Writing Blitz will remain available.

And if your child decides they want to change the prompts? Excellent! There are no rules in Brave Writer. This is about being brave.

Get your free 7-Day Writing Blitz PDF HERE

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