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YouTube Thursday: Making Money as a Mom and a Homeschooler

YouTube Thursday Making Money as a Mom and a Homeschooler

For this YouTube Thursday, let’s talk about how to make money while still being a homeschool mother (or father!).

In this video:

  • How to pursue your dreams while still homeschooling
  • Sharing how to develop a work lifestyle as a parent and a home educator
  • Feeling okay with earning money while you educate
  • How to monetize your already existent skills
  • Awesome adulthood and parenthood
  • How to balance homeschool with money making ventures through creating structure
  • Why you should keep your toe in your career field

As well as the four keys to earning money while homeschooling.

Making Money as a Mom and a Homeschooler

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YouTube Recap August 2017

YouTube Recap August 2017

Did you miss any videos from the Brave Writer YouTube channel last month? We’ve got you covered. Check out these great videos about the benefits of online classes for your homeschool and how to put the “home” back in homeschool.

How Online Classes Can Benefit Your Homeschool

In this video you will find:

  • Why Brave Writer programs are unique
  • Why our classes are so “short”
  • How to use classes to bolster writing at home
  • How to support children with learning disabilities in a Brave Writer class
  • The advantages of text based classes
  • How remote communication prepares your child for college
  • Why shared learning dynamics and collective feedback are so important
  • How to encourage growth instead of “just correcting”
  • The Arrow and Bommerang Book Clubs
  • Why you should take the Writer’s Jungle Online as a class
  • Information about Fall registration.

Haven’t registered for Fall classes with Brave Writer yet? REGISTER HERE.

Back to Homeschool: Maximizing the Perks of Home!

In this video you will find:

  • How to find and implement the advantages of home into your “school” work
  • Not-Back-to-School Parties!
  • How to accommodate differences and needs without fear
  • “There’s no such thing as independence under supervision.”
  • How to partner with your children and why it matters
  • How to manage different age groups within your homeschool
  • Triangling in help
  • How to meet goals while still honoring the spirit of home
  • Getting good at the process
  • Where to start with Brave Writer
  • Finding practical ways to bring the thinking part of learning into your family life

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Tea with Julie: The Foundations of Home Education

Tea with Julie: The Foundations of Home Education

Would you like to have enjoyment, playfulness, and connection in your homeschool? In the recorded broadcasts below we talk about the foundations needed to create that kind of dynamic family culture.

Such as:

  • Tell the freaking truth!
  • Make eye contact with your kids and smile.
  • Pay attention to your tone of voice.
  • Stay connected to who your children really are, not who you want them to be.
  • Dialogue with your kids.

Part One

Part Two

Gracious Space Winter Readings

5 FREE Daily Readings from A Gracious Space: Winter

The Winter edition is the second in the A Gracious Space series and the readings are just getting started! Every week we’ll:

We’ve put together the first 5 days of readings into a FREE PDF download as our gift to you!

A Gracious Space: WinterDownload Your 5 Free Readings Here


We shared the first reading from A Gracious Space: Winter on Facebook. Check out the YouTube video of it below (and for those participating in the 12 Days of Brave Writer, keep a sharp eye out for snow on the thumbnail!).

In the recorded broadcast we talk about the temptation to try favorite bits of a subject or program and skip the rest (and how that’s okay!) plus how to: “Throw it on the wall and see what sticks!”

The Secret to Writing Breakthroughs

The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing with Your Kids

Have you ever experienced the “Blank Page, Blank Stare Syndrome”? That’s where you give your child a blank sheet of paper, and your child gives you a blank stare in return.

Your kids have so much to say when you’re talking around the dinner table, but the second you hand them a pencil they clam up.

You are not alone!

Learn how to create a partnership with your child in writing in the video below.

Learn more about Partnership Writing