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Flip the Energy in Your Homeschool

Flip the Energy in Your Homeschool: 3 Tips

Has the initial high of the start of the school year faded? The math books are worn. You can’t find any pencils. The kids are bored.

What do you do when homeschool goes all wrong? We look at this big topic in the recorded broadcast below. We cover these 3 ways in depth:

  1. Introduce surprise.
  2. Chase life.
  3. Trust that home education is a marathon not a sprint.

Bonus Tip: Repair the damage.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Hacks for a Homeschool Day Gone Wrong

Raising World Citizens

Raising World CitizensJacob and Johannah in Thailand

The world needs to be known, not ignored! We discuss giving our kids a global perspective in the video below.

Book Suggestions for Raising Globally Aware Kids

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Raising World Citizens Book List

Sometimes it’s not easy to be a world citizen when you’re homeschooling full time and trying to pay for math and science books. You can create an environment, though, that gives children a window of insight and also an appetite for pursuing global experiences when they’re adults.

Watch the video below to learn more!

Combine global awareness and language arts:
The titles above are available as Arrows and Boomerangs!

The Natural Stages of Growth as a Home Educator

The Natural Stages of a Home Educator

What does it mean to be a home educator? In the recorded broadcast below we discuss the natural stages of the homeschooling parent. In a nutshell they are:

  1. Jumping In
  2. Playing School
  3. Following the “Method”
  4. Swapping Curriculum
  5. Trusting Yourself
  6. The “Re-Upping” Moment
  7. Us-Schooling

Remember, this is all fluid. These are just my observations of working with thousands of families. You may or may not comport with all of them.

But the takeaway: It’s totally worth it!

Learn more about the “Re-Upping Moment”

The Top 10 Things to Have Done by the End of High School

The Top 10 Things to Have Done by the End of High School

I’ve been asked: “If you had to boil it down to a Top Ten List, what would you say every child should have studied before they leave home?”

I accepted the challenge and compiled a list that will help you pull back from the panic of trying to teach every single classical work of literature, cover the entire scope of World History from the dawn of time until present, consider each scientific breakthrough, learn three languages (one dead), and understand all composition formats.

Stop! It’s possible to have a sense of satisfaction and completion even if you leave a few dangling metaphors and several centuries of war and peace un-explored.

The list:

  1. Share the joy of reading with your kids.
  2. Help them be critical thinkers.
  3. Teach them math and science (and history!)
  4. Nurture their writing skills.
  5. Introduce them to a foreign language.
  6. Give them the opportunity to chase at least one affinity.
  7. Make sure they encounter different people and places.
  8. Encourage them to perform in some way for an audience.
  9. Help them find friends.
  10. Most importantly, be their advocate.

Watch the broadcast below to learn more and see that the Top Ten are within your reach!

Need more help for high school?

Dealing with Homeschool Differences and Healing Shame

How to deal with homeschool differences and how to heal shame

Watch the video below where we look at two important questions:

  1. How do I facilitate a homeschool friendship with people who don’t have the same homeschool practices or beliefs?
  2. How do I heal shame in my life?

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