Podcast: The Complete Season Two

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Season 2 of the Brave Writer podcast has blown us away! Over 75,000 people have downloaded this season already. We’ve hit #1 in the K-12 Education category on Apple Podcasts multiple times.

If you are looking for practical encouragement for your homeschool project, this season’s podcast is for you! I interview parents, just like you, in the trenches who are sharing their hope, optimism, and creativity with you in addressing the most vexing problems. You’ll get to hear how each family implements the Brave Writer Lifestyle in their own unique ways, offering you inspiration for applying the principles in your own way too.

Tune in to the Brave Writer podcast on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher (or your app of choice), and here on the Brave Writer blog.

Season Two Podcasts

S2E1: A Brave, Hip Homeschooler with Rebecca Spooner

S2E2: Unexpected Homeschoolers with The Homeschool Sisters

S2E3: Homeschooling Diverse Children  with Julie Kirkwood

S2E4: What is Learning Well? with Alicia Hutchinson

S2E5: Overcoming Challenges & Charlotte Mason with Nadine Dyer

S2E6: Partnership & Adventure in Home Education with Mary Wilson

S2E7: Remember Self-Care with Amy Milcic

S2E8: BraveSchoolers are the Best Schoolers with Chantelle Grubbs

S2E9: An Inspired Homeschool Mosaic with Angela Awald

S2E10: Tidal Homeschooling with Melissa Wiley

BONUS: Poetry, Sports, and The Crossover with Kwame Alexander

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