Tidal Homeschooling: The Ebb & Flow of Home Education -Melissa Wiley

Brave Writer Podcast: Melissa Wiley

I’m tickled purple to announce our Season 2, Episode 10 Finale. I have invited the incomparable Melissa Wiley (children’s novelist and homeschool veteran of six!) to join me for a rip-roaring big juicy conversation about home education, special needs kids, her theory of homeschooling (she calls it “tidal homeschooling”) and more.

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Melissa is mom to “a small army of children” and she has been writing children’s books since 1995, including her Brave Writer featured book The Prairie Thief. In 2005, Melissa started her blog Here in the Bonny Glen to document her family adventures – it’s a favorite homeschooling blog and it’s hilarious, so make sure you head over there and read it.

She’s delightful, funny, smart, and we’ve been friends for 20 years. Enjoy!

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