Who are these children!?

Who are these children!?

Dear Julie,

I have purchased and received the Writer’s Jungle, Arrow, and Partnership Writing. I can’t wait to get started! That’s the hardest part – me doing my homework so we can get started!!

Anyway, my reason for contacting you, is of course, to share a story or two:

First, yesterday as part of our reading time, I asked both boys to pull out their journals and choose an entry to read to the rest of us. Well… That was amazing, (just as you said)! They loved reading aloud their thoughts and ‘old’ writings. It even opened a conversation to writing a short journal entry EVERY DAY!! Who are these children!? 😊

Next, we experienced poetry tea time! Oh my goodness… I get teary thinking about it. While our ‘big’ (9y/o) guy was finishing up some work, my younger and more artsy guy helped me get the table ready. What a joy that was! We couldn’t find the right coloured table cloth… so we used a baby blanket (Easter colours were required– so funny!) Then, I explained that we wanted a ‘proper’ table setting, which he worked on diligently. Then we made tea (two kinds), and I had cut up some baking into smaller pieces and we ate with exquisite manners. And read some poetry.

Julie, I have to tell you, that was the most enjoyable experience! We all can’t wait to do it next week! It truly felt like a little breather- a time of peace in our busy day.

Thank you for introducing me to this life. I can’t wait to get on the bus!

Best regards,

Partnership Writing

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