S2E3: Homeschooling Diverse Children Through Diverse Experiences – with Julie Kirkwood

Brave Writer Lifestyle Podcast: Julie Kirkwood

On today’s podcast I sit down to discuss how the Brave Writer Lifestyle draws on diverse experiences to provide excellent home education.

Julie Kirkwood, our guest, is a mom to three kids who believes in the value of curiosity, exploration and a daily dose of nature in her homeschool world. She created the fantastic home education website Creekside Learning.

Creekside Learning is a space to share STEM and Naturalist learning resources for adventurous kids, as well as inspiration for homeschooling parents.

Julie also shares a number of tools that she and her children developed, including Positive Thought Cards. They are positive affirmations for learning that can act as a reset button when you get to a point where learning stops. It’s a unique, effective tool. And it’s FREE until through Feb. 28, 2017—Learn More!

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