What is Learning Well? – with Alicia Hutchinson

Brave Writer Podcast: Alicia Hutchinson

Isn’t this fun? I am loving our new season of the podcast. In Week 3, we went over 17,000 downloads. Whaaaat?! Thank you. So glad the podcast is meeting a need.

The wonderful Alicia Hutchinson is up next. She’s a powerhouse of support and help to homeschoolers. Her community called “Learning Well” offers parents practical imaginative ideas to create a great homeschool experience without fussiness or the scourge of perfectionism.

Such a perfect fit for the Brave Writer Lifestyle.

The funny thing about Alicia is that she never really saw herself as a mom – much less a homeschooling mom. Now she can’t imagine life without homeschool. She blends her natural artistic flair with curiosity and creativity to engage her children. Her Instagram feed is also gorgeous! Be sure to follow her (@learningwell).

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