November Webinar: Copywork and Dictation

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Join us for our 2nd Homeschool Alliance Webinar!

Title: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Copywork and Dictation
Presented by: Julie Bogart
Date and Time: November 21, 2014- 4:00 pm EST
Cost: FREE for those registered (includes the live webinar and a recorded replay for 48 hours afterwards–members of the Homeschool Alliance will have continued access)
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Take the busy work out of copywork and dictation!

Copywork encourages your children to save meaningful passages from the books they read. Dictation enables them to discover how to write correctly spelled words from memory then assemble those words on the page using proper punctuation and grammar.

This webinar will revolutionize your understanding of how to use both practices to accomplish all your best intentions for language arts instruction.

You’ll learn how to naturally teach the mechanics of writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, and literary elements) through copywork and dictation, and you’ll discover how to do so without causing pain or anxiety or anger in your kids.

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