Poetry Teatime: “We’re loving it!”

Poetry Teatime

My friend Autumn and I started Poetry Teatime Tuesdays, thanks to your blog. The kids have all enjoyed it so we plan to continue.

For this week, the kids mostly picked Shel Silverstein poems which was our suggested theme/topic.

At our teatime, each child picked their tea. As it steeped, each child read their poem while the others listened (and laughed).

My son Elliott (age 8) picked “Bear in There.” My daughter (age 6) picked “Pie Problem.” My other daughter (age 4) recited a poem she is learning for her violin lessons called “Up Like a Rocket.” My youngest daughter Nadia (age 8 months) is not in the picture but she was with us, too…in her high chair.

Autumn’s daughter Abigail (age 9) selected “Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too.” Autumn’s other daughter Jocelyn (age 11) picked “Sick.”

After reading, we all enjoyed sipping our tea and eating cake & rice krispie treats. I set the the table with Fall colors and china from my great aunt.

After eating, the kids spread out with their teatime journals: on the table, on the floor, and on couches. They each did their own work: copy their poem, copy a line from their poem, illustrate their poem, or all of the above.

Thanks for the wonderful idea. We’re loving it!


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