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Retreat 2014

From members of The Homeschool Alliance:

“These past two months have been some of the hardest homeschooling I’ve experienced. A deployed husband. A two year old who tests every limit. And a child who was hospitalized. Thanks to HA I’ve found ways to validate how hard but enjoyable this journey is. Ways to refresh myself even if it’s standing and doing yoga at the park. The podcasts and readings help bring me balance from the ghost of the past public school experiences.

“Thank you for mentoring that this is a marathon not a sprint. That balance is noticed in reflection afterwards, the relationships matter most and to love big.” —Christy

“Transitioning from the ‘fun’ younger ages of homeschooling to the older, ‘ones that count,’ I’ve often felt alone and not sure what direction to head in. The HSA has given me a reflection place to explore what I want these last few years of homeschooling to look like and the impetus to start implementing small but meaningful changes now. It’s not a discussion board (although there are places for support) but more of a ongoing place to grow in your homeschooling, whatever stage you are in.” —Holly

“The Homeschool Alliance has meant not feeling alone. Through Julie’s ‘Master Class in Learning’ I am able to examine my own current lackluster feelings about homeschooling. I can say that my own longstanding stagnancy about our home education is beginning to stir. The first month, the quote,’Woe betide those who no longer feel thrilled at anything…,’ is as if someone FINALLY understood. ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ After that, it was freeing to discover why I felt so uninspired. Julie’s One Thing principle challenges each month have provided CPR for my weary spirit.

“The Homeschool Alliance has also made me realize there are no easy stretches in homeschooling. When things are going right, we doubt if we are challenging ourselves enough. When things go wrong, we assume it is a personal failure. I am constantly working to find the in between that allows for challenge, but throws away self defamation. The Homeschool Alliance is a valuable tool in this growth process. There are days where we feel defeated, but Julie is working to coach us that we don’t have to stay there!” —Julie

The Homeschool Alliance is a privileged space—a place to be who you are in homeschool and to get support to become more of who you want to be.

The space is safe. So we hear from moms and dad (we have one dad!) about the struggles too—everyone keeps it real. But the encouragement and creativity in finding solutions is genuinely kind and helpful (not shaming or blaming or a bar too high).

Thanks to the over 200 members for creating such a welcoming, supportive, useful space.

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