Let it come

African Profile at Peace with the WorldImage by Ken Bosma

Let it come.

Let the growth, grow.

Let the joy, bubble up.

Let the healing, begin.

Don’t chase.
Don’t fight with taut muscles and tight lips.

Lean back.
Let the rope between you go slack.

Mind your own business.

Breathe your own breaths.

Believe in the power of lessons learned the hard way.

Let it come.

Look lovingly on your worries.
Gentle them with a long “Shhhhh.”

Let your eyes lose focus.
Let your cheeks soften.

Stop explaining, analyzing, fixing, solving.
Stop projecting, predicting, prophesying, prying.

Give up. Give in.

It’s not up to you to see around corners.
If you could, you would have.

It’s not up to you to solve the puzzle.

You can’t be both people in the relationship.

You can’t be the motivation, the change, the vision, or the kindness for anyone else.

You won’t find your answer hidden like a penny in the corners of your couch.

Let it come…

like the wave that curls,

like the moon that waxes,

like the snow that drifts,

like the bloom that opens.

Crescendo, diminuendo, the vibration of life.

Let it come.

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One Response to “Let it come”

  1. Cara says:

    brought tears to the back of my throat. (yes, i’m a bit behind in my reading, too lol)