Reading aloud

Reading aloud
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Just a reminder: read aloud to your kids. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. You don’t even need to read a novel, if that feels too big this morning. Picture books, poetry, children’s magazines, the Bible or religious text of your family… Reading aloud centers your home and helps your children develop an ear for good writing. And you’ll make memories for a lifetime.

An aside
Caitrin snapped this photo as I was reading Watership Down to the kids on Friday. She’d steeped tea, Jacob lit candles and I made brownies. Interestingly, Johannah (17) and Noah (19) and various friends all stopped by at different points in the day. The brownies sat on the table in a little tin and every person who walked through the room ate one. One of Noah’s friends remarked: “Mrs. Bogart, you always have good food at your house.” Starving college students make the best guests, don’t they?

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  1. Poiema says:

    We recently finished Watership Down and thought it one of our best read alouds ever. I wrote a little review of the book here:

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