Registration Report: Good News!!

Phew! What a day.

In an attempt to make my life easier, Jon (tech savvy husband) set up a new registration platform for our dear Brave Writer family. And, well, like the U2 concert-Ticketmaster debacle in 2005 where thousands of attempts to purchase tickets caused the system to crash, our modest numbers of eager clients logging in at the same moment caused this little system to crash as well (more than half got through, but enough didn’t that it was dramatic all day).

We’ve survived, however, and I’m thrilled to announce that everyone who registered either with the online system or via email got into their desired classes! That is the first time in about four years that we don’t have a waiting list at the end of a registration cycle. Due to the new teachers and more sessions of your favorite classes, we are now able to accommodate everyone who wants a class. Confirmation emails will be sent over the weekend so look for yours then, if you enrolled.

If you missed today’s registration date or your registration didn’t go through or you’re suddenly wishing you had signed up for a class, we have the following spaces still available for the spring session:

  • KWB 1: Closed
  • KWB 2: Closed
  • KWB 3: Closed
  • Just So Stories: 13 slots
  • KWI 1: 3 slots
  • KWI 2: 15 slots
  • SAT/ACT: 5 slots

Check out this page for your registration information. If you are unable to successfully use our registration form, you may send a registration request via email. Be sure to include all the information in your email for speedy attention.

Thanks to all who registered and weathered an unusually hectic, difficult day. I have a crack team working on making Brave Writer more efficient and we are definitely going through growing pains (hey, I do laundry, not sophisticated html script code!). Lots of good plans in the works though, so please hang with us. Thanks for being such gracious people. I felt such support today in the midst of chaos.

And tell your friends that it’s not too late to register! A first!

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